Laughter – 100WC Week 22


One night I was having a sleepover with my friend. When I got there we played fifa 17 on the PS4. We played a match on ultimate team and won it. Then we bought Ronaldo and put him in the team it was the best team I had ever seen. Then we watched ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2’. It was really cool and I thought Voldemort was cool. The movie finished and we snuck into the cupboard and had some lollies. We went to bed but then we heard a thump coming from the fridge we walked over and inside was a




The Worst Day – 100WC Week 22

Yesterday I watched a show made me laugh so much. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself I’m Chloe and I was watching a ridiculously hilarious show. So I peed my pants right now. So this show has got to make Zoe pee her pant to. Like seriously this is crazy.


For lunch I had a chicken and vegemite roll it was disgusting!!!!For dessert I had chilli ice cream with pepper sprinkles I shouted ‘spicy alert’ my mouth was on fire it was horrific. I had the worst day ever.  

By Sophia

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

Sir Trumpypants was having a dinner party. He invited Sir Emptyhead and the Duke of Pepperoni Pizza. As they lay out the table Sir Trumpypants blew off. “Please try to contain your buttocks!” Suggested the Duke of Pepperoni Pizza. The stench filled the quiet room and they all gaged. It smelled of mouldy cabbage. “Sorry! I went on a diet last month! Must be taking effect!”

 Dinner was as cheery as could be, Sir Trumpypants kept on passing wind, the Duke of Pepperoni Pizza was as red as a ripe tomato because he used extra spicy pepperoni. Sir Empty Head was as blank as a black TV screen.Soon they all went home.


             The End By Beth

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

One day I had a sleepover and it took 5 hours to get to my friends house. When I got there I put a magnificent Donald Trump costume on and I said in a weird voice “hello.” and he said “who is that?” and my mum said “I’m not actually sure”. then I took off the costume and said BOO! Its me Max. Luca got freaked out and we went inside and they said this is what we’re having for dinner, when I opened the lid it was a death cake with eyeballs and blood. So I ate it and pretended I liked it and then I threw up. A few minutes later we went to bed.
By Max

Laughter Milly’s Funny show – 100WC Week 22



Milly’s funny show


One day there was a family that got a dog……………..

It was playing with its friend tiggy and bumped into a clear window

and there was a loud BANG noise! The next day she was chewing

On a shoe and the mum said “MILLY DROP IT!!!!” And the dog named

Milly dropped it. Milly threatened the chickens and scratched

The wire. Once she played with another dog her new friend.

She lay down and  he  was running around in circles but he

Failed to get her up. She thought are you MAD????

That’s the story of Milly. I hope you laughed!!!


Based on a true story and
By Paul

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

Once upon time there was a man called John.He thought that he could discover something about space. when he laughed and laughed for a long time. until they went to the future, “what happind” when he was in 2500 are these cat things and people was gonna be extinct so they added robotic parts people laughed there were fluffy cat jokes they did lots of differant jokes then they went back to reguler time then they were reading they were at the start of school ,“how!” said them then there teacher argued ,“Stop talking imideidtly” then thats it, “I’m done!”


By Julian

laughter – 100WC Week 22

One time I was walking my Dog Cubu and he kept on sniffing on trees and Plants. When I was walking up the driveway my bigger Dog Marcia got out. So I put my dog Marcia back in the back yard. Then I went back inside and the dog was out again. So  went outside and put it back in the back yard. Then my cousins came. the house was really messy. Then I looked at the door. and I looked back and for some reason the house was really clean and I started laughing  and they came in and I had KFC with them. THE END  By Luke.