100WC Week 28 – My Magic Trick

Hi, I am a fairy. I have a weird talent. And today I’m going to perform it. I walk up onto the stage and close my wings and make them invisible. Then I announce my act, walking through a wall! I tie my hair into a ponytail and stretch. Then I go up to a brick wall and put my foot into the wall and slowly I submerge into the wall. I come out from the other side and walk to the front of the wall and I take a bow while people clap.



One day John was going to the museum when all of a sudden a particular site caught his eye he walked over to the out of bounds area. He gingerly walked to the out of bounds area and pulled the sheet off and walked through all John saw was a wall with people in them John was scared at first but then John walked closer. Then John was sucked in and he was never seen again

                                                       The Mummy

In Ancient Egypt there was a very fragile statue which was the 200 year old mummy… The mummy was a suspicious little mummy because every 50 years the mummy would teleport to a different spot in the pyramid. But then when the 50 years came by the mummy accidentally teleported one step behind the original spot so the mummy was in the wall forever…….. After every 50 years the mummy would not teleport anymore because she was stuck there. But then the mummy fell on the floor and broke and then Egypt was full of horror because the mummy was the queen…..

100WC week 28

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Paul.  right after the war he loved finding treasures from it. When he saw a wall, just an ordinary wall, he was scared to find a man

stuck inside the wall. Paul thought who is that man and why is he stuck in a wall? Isn’t that

impossible? But then he thought maybe it’s not. Where did he try to go before getting stuck?

It’s all a big mystery and I’m gonna be the first to solve it, thought Paul.So he looked and looked but couldn’t find anything but then he found an answer…..

The magic children

One day two children  went to a footy match in gronckle ville. They went to go see loncke fc vs conckle fc. But they had no public transport to go watch the game. But because these people were special they could walk through walls.

So they went to a game by traveling through the walls. Eventually  the arrived at the train station to go by train but the train was  delayed. So they lunged into the walls and run because the Footy game was about to start and they arrived and they were winning they were so happy. The end.


                                                                By  Marc


The Mummy- 100WC Week 28

One rainy day there was a kid could Rob. He was playing video games. he turned off his ps4. Rob walked around the house. Rob saw a door that he had never seen before. The door was locked. He got the key for the door. He opened the door. He thought The room was cool so he went closer in. He looked at the wall and he saw something sticking out of the wall. He was scared but he went closer and It was a MUMMY! He got his dad to get a knife. His dad came in and said omg but they put the Knife and Rob played ps4

The Peculiar Boy

One stormy day there was a  boy and he lived in Egypt and the wanted to go one of the pyramid. The had to go throw the big storm. When he got in the pyramid he saw another boy in the pyramid walking throw a wall the boy screamed it was very peculiar the boy that went throw the wall said ‘hi’ the other boy was speechless. ‘How do you do that?’ ‘it’s so hard it took me 45 years wow’ ‘can you try and teach me.’ ‘okay’ ‘I did it now we can do it every stormy day’.
By Lulu

100WC Week 28

One day there were three people that were  going through a wall to get to a another house and what it  looks like. The wall  looks like a grey wall made of grey bricks.  When they go through the wall they would see the kitchen. Under the bench  there was a dishwasher. Also there is  a sink and a cooking area. At the table there were  glasses, plates, forks, knives and a dinner mat  that the three people can serve their own dinner.

It would be cool to walk through the wall because they have never done it before.
By John

Amazed 100WC Week 28

One day Marco was at school playing footy on the oval. His team was called The Vacuum cleaner mummy and the other team was called Dorito nacho freedom. The game started marco grabbed the ball and just about as he was going to kick the ball but he got pushed and went plundering to the ground. One week later marco was standing in the middle of nowhere and he said “where am I.” But when he said it a gate opened. He was amazed. When he walked inside he could walk through walls! By miquel

The very strange people

One day there was two strange people that could walk through walls. The next day they couldn’t go through the walls and their skin was turning normal and they couldn’t get their skin back to cement. After, they went to cover them in  cement.

People were helping  them.  They went through the wall to check if it worked and it did. When they went through the wall it felt weird  because cement is rough and it feels really weird on your skin. When they went through the wall they found gold in a treasure chest. They took the gold back through the wall and back to their house. They became the richest people in the town.