But HOW could something so tiny-100 WC Week 26

As I was walking around my room one dull day hoping to clean up the towering mess I heard a faint squeal. It wasn’t coming from inside my room so I started to investigate. As I turned over dreadful books and revolting clothes I saw the most bizarre thing. An insignificant, miniature, dumpy and tiny…THING. “Help me Help me! I Am so tiny!” It cried. It sounded so distant. Then It lifted up an incredible thick book. But HOW could something so tiny lift up that? I asked myself in shock. It was so curious that I nearly didn’t realise that it had disappeared!

By Beth

…But how can something so tiny….100WC Week 26

I was strolling through the meadows and I saw a midget leaf that was purple. I asked the old men holding it what it was? He said if you eat it you can fly.I said but how can something so tiny make you fly? The old man did not reply and just gave it to me. I ate  it and I was flying really fast all the way to my house! It was a long day so I went to bed for a looooong sleep, But then I realized that all of this was a weird dream.

By Maria

The Very Small Insect-100WC Week 26

One beautiful afternoon I was walking my dog through the lovely park. Suddenly I heard a noise which was so loud. It sounded like a lion’s roar or a building falling down, but the only thing I saw was a small little insect. But how could something so tiny, make such a loud noise. There must of been some other substantial thing in this park, like a tiger or a hippopotamus strolling through the park. I wondered how the insect could make such a loud noise but then I realised, I am not in the park, I am in the jungle!


By Dominique

The Exciting Ant Trail – 100WC Week 26

One sunny day a kid was at his school. His name was Luke. It was almost lunchtime so went to get his lunch. He went to his bag and took out his lunchbox. He opened it and in there he saw an army of ants eating his lunch. He wiped his eyes in disbelief but the ants were still there. “How could something so tiny eat all my lunch!” Luke exclaimed. Then he looked around and realised that there were millions of ants crawling out of his school bag, down onto the floor and along the corridor and out of the school. Luke was so surprised but he was excited to go and tell his friends about the ant trail.

By Luke

Snail VS Hare – 100WC Week 26

One spectacular Saturday a hare was strolling down a winded path. A chicken suddenly realised that the hare was talking to the snail. The chicken curiously listened. He heard that the hare was saying about a race. The chicken thought how can the snail race the hare. So the next day the race was held. The chicken was worried he thought that how can something so tiny win the race. There was no chance that the snail could win. All of a sudden the siren went for the race to start the hare ran but then he stopped to get a drink and this hare had a very big appetite…

By Sophia