100WC Week 26 – NO I’M LATE!

It was a warm afternoon when Lucky finished school. He was late for his Vietnamese lesson with his mum, if he was late he would be grounded for a whole year! He was going to be late so he rushed to his bike and rode to Little Road. The Traffic was horrendous and if he waited he would be minutes late.

He kept on thinking and thinking until he thought of this remarkable, unthinkable and peculiar idea! He shouted “Yes!” Everything stared at him when the silence was happening. He went to the alley and saw a colossal and ferocious shadow. He hop off his bike and gingerly crept closer. And said “ but how can something so tiny make the biggest scariest shadow in history?”

By Liam

The ant finding food – 100WC Week 26

One partly cloudy day there was an ant that lived in  a ant house was so small as a leaf.  On Monday he ate one strawberry but he was still  hungry. On Tuesday he ate two bananas but  he was still hungry. On Wednesday he ate three plums but he was still hungry. On Thursday he ate four chocolates but he was still hungry. On Friday he ate five cookies but he was still  hungry. On Saturday he ate six lollies but he was still hungry.I thought that how can something so tiny never be full but Finally on Sunday the ant ate seven cherries and now the ant is full by eating all the food.

By John

ANTS JACKPOT – 100WC Week 26

One day a family of ants went on a picnic on a farm in ant ville. As They were walking the mother and told her babies to stay behind here as she walked into a cave filled with rotten apples. “WE HIT THE JACKPOT” the mother ant said. They gingerly tiptoed into the cave and lifted them up but  how can something so tiny lift something so giant. Then  they took them back to the picnic blanket and ate them. They enjoyed them so much they didn`t want to waste them so they took them back home.  


                                                  THE END

By MARC                     


but how can something so tiny – 100WC Week 26


One day a Little boy was wandering through the emerald green  forest.

When he came across a particular site he carefully leaned over to take a closer look..He looked in and saw a miniature dog he pulled it off the the forest floor and quickly he ran home. When he was home he wrapped  the dog in a blanket and went down stairs to get some food when he came up stairs his room was not there what?

Robot – 100WC Week 26

Once upon a time there was a robot called the robot 2000. He was a friendly robot he was actually a person who never harmed anyone. So one cheerful morning he rode his bike along the river when suddenly he heard a bang.  BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!! Robot 2000 was so scared his ears were about to fall off. So he kept riding his bike. Another BANG!! “That’s it I’m calling the police” he said angrily. When the police came, Robot picked up the remains of the other robot which made the bang. Two years later the other robot made a very loud noise. It made the whole world angry. “But how can something so tiny scream that loud” robot said weirdly. To be continued.  

by Miquel

100WC – week 26

One day there lived a tiny budgie that was so young named Sunny-shine. He was adorable,

but so tiny in an enclosure with open windows. One day his owners saw him not in the cage

but wandering around the house  when the dog was in the house! But they quickly took

Sunny-shine back in his cage but they thought how can something so tiny do such a thing????  The next day they watched the baby and it squeezed out of the windows!

They were stunned and amazed, like so amazed! And also thankful that the dog didn’t eat Sunny-shine.



By Paul