100WC Week 26

Once there was a tiny green elf, he was only 30 or 40 cm tall. But he was AMAZING!!! He was only 12 years old when he: climbed Mount Everest, became president of Mexico, went to the moon, and did 156 more amazing things but this year, he tried to win the Olympics for Vietnam, and you guessed it, he won 93 gold medals!!! The crowd kept saying “but how can something so tiny win a gold medal?” Next Saturday, he had to win gold to win the whole thing, but he wasn’t wearing his lucky shoes, so he tripped and came third last.


By Joseph

The BIG, but Tiny Fairy – 100WC Week 26

One ordinary day I was strolling along the footpath, minding my own business, then suddenly I saw a light, what was it, I didn’t know. I creeped closer and closer to see what it is. Then something appeared, it looked so tiny, but how can something so tiny look big?, but when I went closer I could hardly see it. Then I realised that it was a fairy. I remember from a book that fairies make a light but they are so big. Then said something to me, but it’s voice was so soft I couldn’t hear her. Then she wrote, her name it was Susie.

By Emily

My New Puppy – 100WC Week 26

I was soooo excited because that was the day I was going to get my dog! I ran as fast as my little legs could go into the bright bus. When I arrived I ran through the automatic door and went to the front counter. I stated my name, and they gave me a tiny cage. On the bus , I was so eager to open the cage. When I got home I opened the cage…. ‘’How can something so tiny even exist!’’ I exclaimed. As soon as I opened the cage it ran onto me and licked me. I already new that this was the perfect pet for me.

By Gemma

100WC – Week 26 The Interesting Discovery

One day I went to the park with my family near my house. I played under the slide. Suddenly a magical portal opened and I said “guys i need to show you something.” so they came and we went inside and saw a tiny country. “But how can something be so tiny exist?” I said, we were walking around and we crashed the Eiffel Tower suddenly all the people stacked on top of each other to make the same height of my dad. They started to attack and we dodged the attacks and we quickly dived in the portal back to the park and said “that was so weird!”

By Max

…But how can something so tiny…100WC- Week 26

Once there was a boy called Xavier. He was very poor. All he owned was a pet ant. Xavier didn’t know that this ant was very special. He always wonders why people on the street want the useless tiny ant. But if Xavier keeps this ant he will be very famous…

One Saturday there was an ant lifting competition, the prize was 1 million dollars! If Xavier won this he will be a very rich child . The ant had to lift a giant! Xavier was about to quit but his ant said “I got this one in the bag”.  So the ant lifted the giant and it was success! “But how can something so tiny…

By Anthony

Tiny – 100WC Week 26


One busy day Jenny needed to pop to the cafe for a quick coffee. She decided to leave her Teacup dog Fluff at home. Fluff was disappointed she didn’t get to go for a walk so she decided to cause trouble. Fluff leaped into action. Firstly onto the kitchen bench knocking all of the lunch off the bench. Then Fluff scurried to the lounge and jumped all around and bumped all the picture frames off the cabernet and messed up the couch cushions. Then to the bedrooms messing up the beds. Just as Fluff sat on the couch Jenny walked in and screamed “how can something so tiny cause such a KERFUFFLE?”
By Lulu

The Ant 100WC Week 26

The Ant

One fine morning I was walking around the park. I then saw an apple on a tree, I grabbed it but suddenly it disappeared. I walked back home and was shocked to see my house trashed.

I didn’t know what to do. I had my friends coming over to hang out. I called my gaming team and said “Please come I need my house cleaned”.They came over right away. Then I saw an email that said it was an ant, who trashed my house. “How” I said “but how can something so tiny trash my house” we had to clean for ages. I paid them for the amazing job.
By Marcus

One Clever Ant – 100WC week 26

One spectacular Sunday there was an ant but it wasn’t just a normal ant it was extraordinary ant her name was Ellie. But one day she saw a picnic rug and there were so many pieces of food . She was so mesmerised by the beautiful  food. She started to run to the picnic rug but when he was just one meter away a family and they were eating so Ellie ran as fast as she could but the family squashed Ellie but how did she make it out alive how can something so tiny survive being squashed…….

By Alyssia

..but how can something so tiny …

One day I was in my apartment when I heard something I couldn’t see it. I got my microscope then I saw it it was something but what was it?

I stepped closer it was a monster! I fainted.Next when I woke up and had a look it was still there!  Gingerly picked it up argh! It bit me how could it do this when it’s tiny. I tried to squish it but it was too strong, I went to the kitchen and got a frying pan and whacked it. It cracked the frying pan! I guess it’s  indestructible.

                         The End

By William


I was strolling through the thick gloomy jungle when I saw a very peculiar sight. It looked like a type of spider but it definitely wasn’t. It came closer, and I realised it was extremely miniature. Then suddenly it came so close I could nearly hear it’s voice. It sounded very creepy and then heaps of them surrounded me and I could see they were very dangerous. I started running but suddenly I tripped over a thick tree root. “OW!,” I screamed but then it became worse. One of the things came up and bit me and I fainted. I woke up in hospital and said “but how can something so tiny be so powerful” and they were my last words…

By Luca