100WC- week 23

Yesterday I was roaming around in the muddy park and suddenly I felt a queer tugging at my shoelace. I gingerly looked down and discovered a bright yellow creature. I gaped and however mysterious the creature disappeared.I shrugged and continued down the eerie, grim park. Twice more I felt the puzzling tugging  at my shoelace but looked down to see to common murky puddles of the park. It was remarkable that there was one more tugging as I trudged across the park. As I finally reached my comforting home I opened the door and I fell into complete darkness.

The Banana

One day there was a yellow banana however the banana had arms and legs. It was gingerly tip toeing across the room it saw some people then it jumped in a hole in the floor.  Next the banana ran and found a toothpick and used it to defend itself. Then there was something like a hole into a mysterious world. It was too small to fit but it was to excited it discovered something new so it used it’s remarkable toothpick and it opened it! It went inside but it didn’t come out.

100WC Week 23

‘The treasure is down this way guys’ ‘coming’. They get out of the rope elevator and look at the door. ‘ its locked DAMN IT’ *sigh* ‘we need a code’ ‘exactly we need a code’ ‘that book that we had has a code remember the code was 8008’ ‘ you genius’. ‘Well DO THE CODE’  BEEP BOP BOP BEEP CRACK. ‘REMARKABLE’ everything was dusty and foggy then we saw something shining in our eyes ‘ this is what you call TREASURE’ ‘ look my dream car’ ‘yeah about your dream car that’s from the 8s’




The Very Dangerous House – 100WC Week 23

One day there was a man who lived in a very ancient and dangerous house. He knew it was dangerous so he walked gingerly through the house because he was scared. The next day, he was walking on the yellow brick path around the house when he discovered that the windows of the house were opening and shutting on their own and the doors were doing it too. It was hauntingly remarkable. However the next day, he found out that it was the howling wind that caused his frosty and ancient windows and doors to open by themselves.

By Alyssia

The Amazing Jelly – 100WC Week 23

A girl called Dominique has discovered a new type of jelly. It’s kind of yellow and it tasted gingerly like. You might think this jelly is absolutely disgusting, however it is super yummy. It is remarkable,it doesn’t even taste like ginger, it tasted like fresh strawberries and fairy floss. Dominique is an amazing lady and she sells the jelly free to the homeless so they can have something yummy to eat, she is such a nice lady. She even makes houses made out of the jelly for the homeless. I really wanted a taste of the great jelly so I snuck into the kitchen gingerly, I went into the kitchen and got the jar out and had a spoon full of magic. It really was the best jelly ever.


By Dominique

Banana chest – 100WC Week 23

One gusty day  there was a boy named Liam he was searching for something rather strange a box full of treasure but no ordinary treasurer the treasurer is filled with big yellow bananas. So then he went on he`s hunt so first he sailed in the turquoise boat that he new will give him good luck after sailing for days he  reached his destination.

So he gingerly stepped into a cave there it was it looked remarkable the glinting gold chest right there Liam screamed,”I found it”. The end


                                                                                         By Marc

NIGHTMARE – 100WC Week 23



One day when I was at school I sat down on my chair gingerly. However my teacher called me up to the front to show my presentation. My presentation was about planets. There was a bright shining yellow sun and everyone thought the presentation was remarkable. I felt thrilled as I worked extremely hard. Later on that night when it was bed time I got scared.  There was a dark shadow near the door of my room. I wondered if it was a  spooky ghost. 

I discovered it was just my brother he said, “I wanted to scare you because you scared me before.”

By Luca