Crusty Carrot – 100WC Week 23

Hi I’m Finn! I live in a cottage with my friend Jason. However when I tell him that there is no Ice-Cream in the freezer he gets really yellow for some reason. I find it really disturbing. Anyway, on the the weekend I discovered the most remarkable sight ever! I saw Jason on the phone to my pet Carrot!!! How could he do this to me! After all these years!!!!!!!! Then I saw him gingerly sit down on Crusty Carrot’s [my pet] bed. What was he doing!! He was up to something really mysterious! I asked him what he was up to and he said Climbing Cucumber is not his friend anymore!

To be Continued

yellow giant – 100WC Week 23

One sunny day a yellow giant went on an adventure to the jungle. His name was Yellow Fellow. Yellow Fellow was from the city so he caught the bus to the jungle. When he arrived he didn’t know what to expect so he walked gingerly through the jungle. He discovered a remarkable sight. The trees were taller than Yellow Fellow and he had never seen trees taller than himself. Yellow Fellow loved standing in the tall trees however they made him feel quite short so he took the bus back home to the city where he liked it much better being a giant again.

By Lulu

The Remarkable Yellow Man – 100WC Week 23

Once upon a time there was a boy called Marco Polo who loved to explore. He loved to explore so much he explored the dairy section at Coles. One day he was wandering through the dairy section at Coles when he discovered a tiny mysterious, and remarkable yellow man, walking gingerly amongst the cheese.  


The tiny yellow man gave the Marco Polo one wish for setting him free from the cheese section. Marco’s wish was for the yellow mysterious man to disappear. He vanished. However that night when Marco Polo went to bed he saw the yellow man stuck on top of his bedroom’s roof!

Yummy – 100WC Week 23

One day Mr.Lodep decided to go for a walk he went gingerly to the park where he saw remarkable sight it was a pack of doritos ‘Secret Flavor’ he ran off to eat them.

He opened the pack and ate one suddenly he had teleported to an undiscovered Island. He was amazed that he discovered a new place he was dabbing in excitement as he jumped around.

However how  could he get back? he stopped dabbing as he thought about that. He was screaming “HELP” he shouted waving his hands around. Suddenly he saw a map and doritos he jumped towards the map. He glanced at the yellow map…

By Marcus

So Amazing!!! – 100WC week

I was eating my favourite yellow lolly however the lolly could change colours , it was so remarkable. I was so happy when I heard i was the first person that discovered a lolly like this . I gingerly licked it and it tasted HORRIBLE! I was happy I discovered something but I had to tell everyone not to taste remarkable lolly. I was so happy so I gingerly typed my name to see if I was famous and I was! I had a big summer party because I was finally famous! So I made many new lollies for kids and they were healthy lollies.


By Maria

The Wooden haunted house-100WC Week 23

Today is the day where I am going to gingerly sneak into a wooden haunted house with my friend. It is right next door to my house.

When we were at the front of the  wooden haunted house I started to shake, real bad. Then however the house had a disgusting smell.  

When we stepped into the house you saw bright yellow gold. It was so remarkable. Luckily I brought a bag so I can out the gold in the bag.

OH NO! It is raining, there are big storms! We will melt if we go outside! So we will have to stay inside!.

2 hours later…. It has stopped raining! Let’s go now. Wait someone is coming back in the  house…..

The Tunnels – 100WC Week 23

Me and my favourite friends gingerly walked through my wicked neighbours haunted house. However when we entered the garden we accidentally discovered something we have never seen in this haunted garden.

There was a trap door half open. So we decided to lift the trap door and walk in. We climbed down a ladder and saw that there were tunnels leading in every direction.

We cautiously walked through the tunnels and saw these remarkable sculptures through glass cabinets. We took a turn not expecting a thing when we heard a deafening scream coming from the end of the tunnel!

We followed the echos and saw something yellow! A MONSTER!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Dad 100WC- week 23

One sunny morning in a busy city there was a remarkable dad named Steve. He would do everything for his children. So when they were strolling in a busy morning when then they were heading out of the city. So they did. However they discovered a yellow and golden . Later by noon they were back at their apartment however they found out that the trophy was from the 1890s olympics. Later after they kept the trophy and made 12,000$ out of it. Two years later Steve was a boss of a construction company called 108 America and he made 20 billion dollars a year and became very rich. By Miquel

The Remarkable Sight

There once was a girl called Lulu. She was a girl who always found things. One a sunny day she was walking home from school and to a most peculiar sight there were `

Oh my she was so surprised by what she discovered a remarkable sight of elves and fairies. There lived a fairy called Twinkle and she wore a yellow dress. Twinkle saw that above her was a gigantic foot however the foot was actually Lulu’s foot. Lulu’s foot walked gingerly over the fairies and elves. But Twinkle said “hello” in her  squeakiest voice. Lulu heard Twinkle and said…  

By Sophia

The Dancing Miniature Fruits

One day I was  at school and I went to sit down gingerly on my chair and when I did I saw miniature dancing bananas! There was a remarkable amount of them however I discovered that there was so much mini fruits dancing! The bananas were so yellow that they EXPLODED! When the bell went, the mini fruits followed me around and I just noticed that I they were mad at me because I ruined their concert. When the principal saw me I got in such BIG trouble so I had to stay in for 1 hour after  school, suddenly the fruit army attacked the school…

By Max