Laughter – 100WC Week 22

Yesterday I saw a banana on a banner I decided on getting one so I did I got home  then eyes popped out near the top of the banana. It saw me with its eyes! I ran into the wall and fell down. Then it grew legs and started running at me. Suddenly it grew arms I ran to the phone and called the banana exterminators the phone started to ring they busted through the doors. They saw the banana it did puppy eyes and the exterminators fainted. I laughed so hard that I fainted. That day was so funny I can not forget it.



Laughter – 100WC Week 22



‘Ahhhh Frankie how ya doin?’


‘I don’t know man how yo goin?’


‘I goin Great’


‘Well let’s walk the dogs’


‘ohhhhhhhhh yehhhh’


‘Uhhhh just wait gotta bring friends’


‘Well I’m sorry Garry ya don’t have any friends’


‘Well I have a pet fluffy cat’


‘Well I’m sorry Garry your fluffy cat is a tree’


‘Well I have a dog jeffrey’


‘You actually don’t your pet dog Is a squirrel’


‘Well then cool kid show me your dog your friends, and your cat?’


‘ meow’


‘Rough rough’


‘Hi hi hi hi’


‘I’m leaving!!’


‘Wait Garry’


‘ what’


‘ this is a secret i have no…


By Garry and Frankie Productions / By Oscar


Laughter – 100WC Week 22

“Hi Jefferson, how are you doing?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Well can you search up the answer on your new iPhone 1?”

“You mean my old iPhone 7?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Well can you search up the answer on your new iPhone 1?”


“What I’m trying to make a long conversation!”

“Alright man. Why are you holding your cat Jimmy?”

“He is my friend.”

“You don’t have any friends.”

“Don’t I?”

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Sorry I just need to take a few minutes to myself.”


“Because you said I don’t have any friends.”

“Ooops sorry Gary.”

“My name is Jefferson”

“OK Smith Chips”

“My name is not Smith’s Chips”

By Gary and Frankie productions/By Anthony


One day, there was a family that were happily cooking the mum was frying the daughter was cutting and the brother was boiling oh and the father was eating. When they heard a knock on the door they opened it but no one was there. Then they heard another ding and they opened the door but there was still no one there. That night there was a knock then a creak and a ding and they looked and there

was a chicken dressed as a monkey. They all laughed when they saw the chicken  dressed as a monkey.

By Alyssia


The Show – 100WC Week 22

One day there was a girl and her name was Ella.  Ella and her whole family and hear dogs were going to a Circus  show. Ella and her family got some drinks because we all needed one . Soon the show started the first acted was the ringmaster holding a hoop and a lion jumped  threw. Ella said “dad I’m hungry” “okay I’ll get some pop corn.” Finally Dad came back. I got a massive hand full and put it all in my mouth. My mouth was on FIRE. Ella screamed the  whole Circus herd me. I think they put chilly on my popcorn.

By Lulu


One day I saw a  banana and I decided to pick it up and go home and I put it in a cup. I was about to put in a blender but the banana knocked the blender down.. Then I put the banana in the microwave so he couldn’t escape. I went walking again and saw a red banana ,“why are there so many bananas!” I picked it up again. I put it in the microwave again surprisingly they kicked the microwave door and it opened! Finally I put them in a blender and had a delicious banana smoothie.


By William



Once  a upon a time we went to a concert.We saw some songs were really funny that we laugh a lot. I had  a   solo can together and we had the dinner there.

Also my family had some afternoon tea there.

Also we so much food for dessert at the concert.

Also I did 20 minutes of reading there.

My whole family loved the concert it was the best day ever that ever went to a concert.

When I got  home me and my sister went straight  upstairs to bed and I got home.

By John.