…Suddenly All The Lights Went Out…100WC Week 21

It was a normal day in our house. Busy as can be… Not really… I live alone, in a tiny cottage in the middle of the woods, with only one neighbour… The old ghost house. I never get any luck. My mum hated me so she forced me to stay in this old haunted cottage. Every day I get more and more scared…


…Suddenly All The Lights Went Out…

‘Why did I say that?!’

Then the lights started to flash…

Goosebumps started to crawl up my spine…

Then I saw a shadow…



By Gemma

…The noise was so loud…100WC Week 21

I was creeping through a haunted house, trying to avoid the webs. I went past a room with a doll head on the ground, i slowly tiptoed in…suddenly all the lights went out! I could a soft whisper calling my name “Liam come…come with me.” I saw a dark ghost appearing and disappearing through the darkness, i followed him while i was getting ready to strike. He brought me to a room with a door, “what use was this old rusty door for?” i wondered. I curiously walked through the door. Their was a big screen, on the screen was a……


By Liam

Suddenly all the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

I was stuck in the thick dark forest, and if I didn’t have the sun I could be dead right now and I really don’t want to die. I am so glad I still have the BOOM!!!Yikes!!! The sun exploded  everything is dark and gloomy and I can’t see a thing  BOOM!!! BOOM!!!BOOM The sun keeps on exploding and comes back up again somehow and again and again and there are about 483 suns, its so hot that I die and wake up and realise that the booms was just my alarm clock and I woke up in my cosy bed.

By Joseph


The Haunted house – 100WC Week 21

One stormy Halloween night a group of teenagers came across a very frighting house. It looked very scary but that didn’t stop James, the oldest boy in the group. “I’m not scared it’s just a little house with cracked windows” James said in a loud voice. The other kids said that they should turn back and visit another house but James took no notice of the other kids and asked his best friend in the group, Jack to come with him into the haunted house and Jack said yes but the other kids were too scared to even think about stepping into the house so they turned back but James and Jack knocked on the door and called out “Hello, is anybody in here” and there was no answer so they started to walk away but suddenly the door creaked open so the two boys went inside. As soon as they stepped foot inside the door slammed behind them and then the lights went out….

By Dominique

…Suddenly the lights went out… 100WC Week 21

I was getting really scared because all of the lights are out and I was home alone.


I live on the main road so I heard all of these scary noises of cars, buses and worst of all trams! Trams scare me so much because that noise that they make freaks me out!


I can’t ring Mum because she is at work all night and she said the if I ever ring her in the middle of she working I would be in a lot of trouble. Also Dad is away and if he was here I could ring him.

What am I going to do now!?


By Emily


All the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

Suddenly the lights went out…                                                                                    

It was Abigail and Alex’s birthday. She was turning five and he was turning four. They had their party at a bowling alley. Then someone turned the lights off. Everyone was worried and scared. Then they realised that they were playing glow in the dark bowling. There was a birthday cake and it had nine candles on it. All the people that were invited to their party sang Happy Birthday. After that they played lots of games. Then they all went home and the birthday people gave them their lolly bag. At the end of the party everyone felt overjoyed.

By John

Strange – 100WC Week 21

Chapter 1 Work.

One stormy day in my office I typed on my computer editing the CEO files Well I am the CEO I thought to myself. Meanwhile a little kid runs into the server room and shuts off the server. Ok back to me.

“Man” I say I that little kid then it’s back online I go downstairs and leave.


Chapter 2 home at last.

“Back home” I say while jumping on the couch; Suddenly the lights go out. I rush to my office shut the doors and sit. I turn on the cameras for outside and see someone strange then BOOM! The door comes down and I see…


By Marcus

…Suddenly the lights went out..… 100WC Week 21

…Suddenly the lights went out…

I was curled up in my table miniature bed when there was a eerie creak outside my room. A blood- curling shiver went up my spine. What was going on? Suddenly all the lights went out, my heart was thumping  as I scrambled in the closet. At least I was hidden from whoever was there. But would they find me? The closet door flung open and I squealed. A stranger was positioned in front of me glaring me down with a terrifying look on his face. I was trapped.


By Beth


The Terrifying Scare – 100WC Week 21

One dark night a family was playing a board game (snakes and ladders) but suddenly all the lights went out and everyone got a shock, they looked around but they couldn’t see anything they kept on looking. It was very dark and everyone was so fearful they looked  in all the rooms and eventually they went in the last room outside the room was a sign saying do not enter and there was a gust of terrifying wind but they went in and saw a shadow of a really spooky…


By Luca