…the noise was SO loud – 100WC Week 20

I was strolling  in the emerald meadows. I heard voices in my head. The voices were louder. My hands were turning blue. I was shaking so I roamed very slowly. I heard someone say ‘come Maria don’t be scared’. I did not reply. I dashed forwards to find the person who was whispering to me. I saw the female behind the bushes. I tried my best to be brave but I just could not so I screamed as loud as I could. The lady was dying. Her ears were very fragile. Then on her hand I saw a bag I reached in the bag and saw……

                                                                                      By Maria


…the noise was SO loud…100WC Week 20

I woke up in the middle of the night hearing elephants trumping, dogs barking and loud music playing. I dashed to my parent’s room and angrily said ”THE NOISE IS SO LOUD!”

They said in a tired voice to ignore the noise so I did what they said and try to sleep but that irritating noise kept on bothering me! I looked out the window and couldn’t see a thing? Was it because the sky was pitch black and I couldn’t see a thing. I went to my older sister’s room and she, and my other sister and the dog were making the turbulence!


By Liam


The Party – 100WC Week 20

It’s my birthday today.

I’m not having a party and here is the story…

I wanted to have a small party with not many people but my mum went crazy  because of my birthday and invited 27 friends.

It was in my basement and I almost fainted on my birthday.

The noise was so loud.

My birthday cake was 4m long, and the birthday lasted about 7 hrs.

The next year I had twice a bigger than the party last year.

Which included 54 friends, 8m birthday cake, and lasted 14 hrs.

So I have stopped having parties.


By Joseph

The Ghost – 100WC Week 20

I skipped into my hotel room. I jumped onto my squishy bed and went onto my Iphone. Then I saw a shadow. It quickly pounced across the room. I got so petrified. I thought that I might be dreaming. AW! I wasn’t dreaming. I can’t believe I’m seeing a ghost! Then I heard a noise…


…the noise was SO loud…


It was a big thump on the floor. I crawled up into a ball. The noise got louder and louder. I hid under my covers only allowing me only to see through a little hole. The ghost rose again…



By Gemma

School Disco – 100WC Week 20

One day I was at a school disco with my friends we were having so much fun then the music started it was a bit loud but I kept on going till 9 o’clock at night when they turned the music so high I got an ear infection then I fell asleep it was a long sleep but I  kept on sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzz I woke up in a doctor it was very strange my mum said “ that music was too loud for you” she said. So we took you here I was about to my last word but I fell asleep…

by Luca

…the noise was so loud…100WC Week 20

                                                 …the noise was so loud


It started when I was peacefully reading a stunning book.Suddenly I heard a blood-curdling smash! Then a gunshot. BANG!!! The noise was was so loud I squealed!The sound of breaking china could be heard.

With my heart was thumping.My breath was held as I moved fairy steps towards the living room where the comotion was coming from.Gas filled the kitchen and I held my breath however when I took a sharp breath through my mouth I reasiled it wasn’t real gas!Through the fog I saw the familiar slim snake like face of my devious rival…


                                                                The End

By Beth

…the noise was SO loud…100WC Week 20

The noise was SO loud! In the forest (since I lived right next to the forest) 12:00am I heard the noise again! It started to freak me out I rushed to my mum and dad and told them “ there is a loud noise in the forest and they didn’t believe me so i tried to go to sleep but AGAIN! And my mum and dad even heard it. Luckily the noise stopped for the rest of the night and all of us were saying if it was a dream or not and we went searching for what it was and it was just a crying puppy!


By Max

…the noise was SO loud…100WC Weeek 20

….the noise was SO loud…
Once there was a primary school, there were regular people and a regular school bell. It was fine until two little naughty kids invaded the school. Every night they had strolled out of their cozy beds and snuck into school. The school got changed every night. Then the next day of school the principal got even more furious. But the worst thing they had done was that they did damage do damage to the school bell. Every Time the bell rang it was the biggest noise ever!!!!!!!!!!! The principal still couldn’t work out who it was so he stayed for the night. The children came into the school that night and…


By Anthony

The Noise was so Loud – 100WC Week 20



There  was a boy named Oscar who went to a hotel by himself he was scared because the hotel had a divorced couple in the room next to him. He was afraid because he didn’t know what they were going to do. He knocked on the door  but because they were screaming and shouting they didn’t hear him.  He was so scared that he went down to reception and asked for another room. The Man said no because they were all booked out. So Oscar went back up and shouted at them (BE QUIET).They looked at him and said (STAY OUT OF THIS LITTLE BOY) you are making so much noise.

                                                                         BY MARC