Play the game below and also help to feed people in our world that do not have enough to eat.

Leave your comments on how much rice you contributed today or what type of quiz you like best. My favourite is the art quiz!

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Faith in Action

So what you have made your Confirmation! What does this really mean in your life, and what does social justice mean to you? Leave your thoughts below.

How can I work towards social justice in my life?

Social Justice

Daniel’s ToonDoo on social justice
Daniel_'s social justice toondoo
Adri’s ToonDoo on social justice
adris religion toondoo

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  1. Ways that I can make a difference in my world:

    1. Sign petitions
    2. Raise awareness about global issues such as poverty.
    3. Donate to charities
    4. Smile to a person having a bad day.
    5. Help an elderly neighbour eg bring in their shopping.
    6. Help someone being bullied.

  2. Ways I can make a diffrence in my life!

    1.Tell everyone about the people in poverty
    2.Help my parents by making dinner
    3.Send the people in poverty fresh food and water
    4.Help old people by doing their shopping
    5.Sign patitions to the goverment saying to stop poverty for the kids and parents.

  3. Ways I can make a difference in my life:
    •Help my family
    •Donate money
    •Raise money
    •Donate clothes
    •Help someone who is hurt
    •Sign petitions
    •Give someone a smile if they are down! 🙂

  4. how can i help in my world!
    1sighn petitions.
    2 helping someone elderly cross the road.
    3 sponser a child in need.
    4 smile at someone having a bad day.
    5 helping someone elderly with shopping.
    6 setting the table for mum.
    7 donating money to charity.
    8 raise awrness about global issues like poverty.
    9 stand up for someone being bullied.

  5. . Picking up litter
    . Planting more trees
    . Donating money to a healthy corse
    . Puting sonar pannels up
    . Doing more recycling
    . Sponsering a child
    . Giving blud

  6. I can make a difference by sponsoring a child from world vision.

    I can help do the dishes for my parents if they’re stressed.

    I can make a difference in my life by signing a petiton.

  7. 1.Give money
    2.40hr famine
    3.Help a neignbor
    4.Mc.Donnalds appeal
    5.Help the needy
    6.Sponser a Child
    7.Raise Money
    8.Sign petitions
    9.Give Help
    10.Give Blood
    11. Help meals on wheels
    🙂 🙂

  8. Way I can help my world:
    1. Writing a letter to the goverment.
    2. Sign petitions.
    3. Raise awarness.
    4. Donating money to charities.
    5. Helping elderly people across the street.
    6. Stand up for people that are being bullied.

  9. I can make a difference by sponsoring a child from world vision.

    I can help do the dishes for my parents if they’re stressed.

    I can make a difference in my life by signing a petiton.

  10. I can help by:
    1}I can make a diffrentce by picking up litter!
    2}I can make a diffrentce by sponsors a chiled in Africa!
    3} By turning off the lights when i dont need them!
    4}By saving water because some people dont get mach water
    5}You can sigh millinum goal patitions to stop extreme poverty

  11. Ways I can show service in my life:
    Some of the ways I can show service in my life can be big things such as going overseas to a third world country and help families that are in poverty, or they can be small things such as making your bed in the morning without asking your mum. Even thought that sounds small, i think that my mum would really apreciate it. Doing things like helping a bullied child can also be a way of service. If you can achive doing small things like this everyday, you would be living a life of service. 🙂

  12. Ways I can make a Difference are:

    1 Sign petitions
    2 Donations
    3 Sponsor a child
    4 Help the elderly
    5 Help someone being bullied


  14. Ways I can make a difference in my world
    >Help the elderly
    >Help people in bad situations
    >Smile to someone feeling gloomy
    >Donate to charaties
    >Turn off electrical appliances if their left on
    >Participate in fundraising events
    >Sign patitions
    >Write letters to the goverment
    >Plant more trees
    >Picking up rubbish(litter) left around

    You can sign petitions and tell people about people in can write to the goverment.

  16. Ways that I can make a difference for other people are.
    1.Standing up for people that are getting bullied.
    2.Making it easy for teachers by focusing.
    3.Helping your family, eg washing the dishes.
    4.Helping people that are injured.
    5.Sponsoring a child at World Vision.
    6.Signing a petition.
    7.Writing to the government.
    8.Picking up litter
    9.Using lights only when you are in the room
    10.Donating money
    11.Giving things you don’t need in to the Salvation Army

    Nicholas H 🙂

  17. Ways I can Make A Difference To The World:

    *I can make a difference in my life by bringing the communion to thye sick.

    *I can help with folding the clothes or haging them for mum. Also I can set the table for mum, and dad.

    *If someone is getting bullied in the playgroud, you can stand up for them. Or you could play with someone that doesn’t have any friends.

    *When I’m older, I could sponser a child. This only costs, $40.00 dollars a month.

    *Sign petitions about climate change. This could help with the animals with their habitat being destroyed & people who farm in developing countries.

  18. Ways I can make a difference in my world…
    > To help your parents/grandparents in doing jobs
    >Praying to god at least twice a week
    > When you see someone injured, lend them a hand
    > If you see a poor person on a street begging for money, buy them food for the person to eat
    >Sponsoring a child in World Vision

  19. Ways I help others:
    1, By standing up for others who are being bullied.
    2, Helping someone who is lonely.
    3, Being friendly to people who are sad.
    4, Help the family by doing chores for them.

  20. Here are some ways that i can make a diffrence in my community
    1. If a person is sad and doesn’t have any freinds I can give him a hug and play with him/her.
    2. To write a letter to the goverment saying to stop palm oil and to stop killing orang-u-tans.
    3. I can help poor countries to raise money to buy children the stuff that they need to have to go to school.
    4. If someone is hurt i can give them a hand to get up and if they have a graze i can take them to a teacher or to go to a sick bay.
    5. I can put a smile on others peoples faces by making them laugh with with my laugh.
    6. I can buy a Present for the people that a less fourtunte than us to not get anything.
    7. I can raise money for schools in puro to help them with their education and their needs.
    thats i will make a diffrence 🙂 🙂

  21. I can write a letter to the government about palm oil and the orangutangs or other subjects like climate change or immigration and asylum seekers. you could also do a small good deed for someone like helping the elderly or disabled with everyday tasks or just donating to those in need.

  22. Ways i would help others
    1. sign petitions
    2. make donations
    3. go to people in poverty and give them things they need
    4.sponsor a child
    5. start my own charity
    6. stand up for people when bullied
    7. help people in need

  23. Social Justice means to me that all people in this world have the opportunity to have an education, be treated fairly, have enough to eat and access to a health system.

  24. Daniel – I could give someone a cuddle to make them happy
    Hannah – You can play with people to make them happy.
    Milana – You could give somjeone a card to cheer them up
    Ty – You can take them up to the playground and show them what to do and help them do it.
    Hayden – Give someone a present.
    Alexander – Say a prayer with them and then play with them.
    Owen – I help Mummy by cleaning.
    Simon – I can help Miss Soding in the classroom by helping people with their work.

    From PrepS

  25. Reading this thread gave me a lot to think about. We can look at Social Justice in a global way and do things like donate our time, money and prayers to assist people in severe need. We can also look at Social Justice in our everyday lives. How do we respond when someone asks if they can borrow a texta? What do we do when someone looks lonely in the playground? What messages do we send one another with body language? Grade 5/6, you seem to be considering many different perspectives. Congratulations and keep up the excellent work. Remember, you can make a difference. You have the power to change someone’s day…or somebody’s life.

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