I Become the Judge of MKR 100WC Week 30

One day I became the judge of MKR. It was my first day on the job everyone was cooking . When I walked in I could smell a  beautiful scent. I saw everyone cooking. It was judging time, a girl came up and brought us up her dish. It  was made of  tempered chocolate, I said “I just couldn’t eat something so beautiful”. In the end I tasted it it was like chocolate, heaven so good. All the days past by in the end she won and my judging days were over and she took my place..

By Alyssia

So Disgusting! 100WC Week – 30

One sunny day my family was dragging me around to do shopping. Suddenly I found a ice – cream shop so I asked my family “Can I get ice – cream?” my mum and dad said “Yes.” so we went in and there was horrible flavours there was: blood ice – cream, metal, and squished eye ball. So I tried the squished eye ball flavour. I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting I whispered to my mum “I don’t really like this.” so we went home at 8:00pm and played soccer until we went to bed.

The Disgusting Food In The Haunted House 100WC Week 30

The Disgusting Food In The Haunted House

I was walking home from my soccer training, it was extremely exciting.When I got home I heard a extremely annoying sound. I got home and I was so starving. I looked I in the house and there  was nobody in their! I opened the door in horror and stepped inside the spooky house. I looked if there was anything on the table and there was! I sat down and started eating it. But I just couldn’t eat something so spicy! I ran to the bathroom but suddenly I got a shock and I never woke up again….

                          By Luca

The Food Competition – 100WC Week 30

It was a normal day when Lucxter came back from school tired and grumpy. Lucxter was reading his book, when he finished it a note was at the back saying that you can win 9 million dollars. They entered and they smelt yummy spices of all sorts. They waited for their name to be called out. Their name got called out and Lucxter sat down in front of the bowl of spicy noodles. “ I just couldn’t eat something so spicy!” The competition started and Lucxter gulped down the noodles……”arghhhhh!”……..

By Liam



One night my mum was going through the kitchen and I was downstairs watching TV. She said it would take about thirty minutes so in the meantime I was just watching TV. When it was time for dinner I went upstairs for dinner and looked what we were having oh no fish eyeballs gross! I said. But my Mum did not care eat it! Now! fine I opened my mouth and ate it then I…

FOOD NADO 100 WC Week 30


There was once a small hole in the middle of the of the earth. That was producing  the world’s best food ever everyone loved it including me and  even the king loved it

So the company that owned it moved it right underneath the king so the king paid $10,000,000,000 for it so it started up and everything rushed into his mouth. He looked like he was heaven. It went on for days and then I got a message saying if I liked to try it so I did then I said to myself how could something slimy be so good. I was relieved and I always wanted to do that.

I Hate Pizza!

One day on Sunday I was eating a pizza, I got a phone call from bros, the people who hold eating contests. They called me to say you are invited to a pizza contest. 5 days later I went to the contest, I was first I also, I said “I just couldn’t eat something so gross”. I decided to quit but I missed the prize which was a Xbox. So the next day I stayed home. But just as I got home something hit my face. It was the most familiar thing ever to creep out of my mind, It was a…


When I was walking through the shopping centre I saw a nice burger place to eat burgers. I came in because I was hungry so I ordered a burger for me. I couldn’t eat something so disgusting!!!!!! The burgers were horrible and I saw worms in the burger hiding.I told every single person I knew not to go there because it was so so disgusting and there were worms. What a rip off!!!lf not to eat burgers again in my life because maybe all burgers have worms!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!  

Little Fruits

One day there were little fruits and they had big eyes. There was a girl named Chloe and the fruits were in her house. One day she got a fright when she picked one of the fruits she said ‘ I just couldn’t eat something so weird and disgusting. She screamed and then the mini fruit spoke. Chloe screamed again. Her mum came in and said ‘ what is going on Chloe.’ ‘Here are fruits with big eyes.’ ‘See’ ‘ Oh yes’. Chloe’s mum said ‘get them out FAST’ ‘OK OK OK’ So Chloe and her mum got the mini Fruit out of the house and into the bin.

By Louise


Once upon a time there lived a family in a cottage with food not a very posh style,

In fact, very disgusting. “Nonsense”” said a chef. “This food is 100% better than any food!”

The chef was drunk and the son couldn’t eat something so spicy. The chef saw

That the food was 100% spisey! He tried the chili and his face turned super red and

EXPLODED!!!!! He flew away and never was seen again. the family burst out laughing

And never had to taste something so disgousting ever again. They lived happily ever