“EAT THIS”-100WC Week 30

One day I was on the couch watching TV when I saw an ad about a show called “EAT THIS”. You had to eat something disgusting if your name appears on the screen. Unfortunately, it showed my name. Within 3 seconds, a guy transported to the room I was in and took with him slugs, and snails, and I was forced to eat them or I would die. I think I had to eat the slugs and snails. I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting. So I took a deep breath, and ate…

Evil Granny-100WC- Week 30

“Ok, I may be weird but I certainly am not weird at eating chips on the couch. I am in a weird position but that is because I hate these chips! I am forced to eat these by my Granny but I really don’t like them! I just couldn’t eat something so GROSS! It tastes like my Granny’s old sock. She probably put it in there because she hates me. OK, I’ve got 26 more chips, I’ll just put them in the bin since she is at work. As soon as I put it in the bin she comes out of nowhere and…

Healthy salad 100 WC – week 30

The horrid stench wafted through the kitchen making its disgusting stench make me gag. I just couldn’t eat something so putrid as my aunts healthy Sunday salad. But I didn’t have a choice. It was that or nothing, and I was famished..I sat down and I got severed my dinner. “Eat up and you will become healthy and have shiny teeth like mine!” my awful aunt screeched, baring her rotten black stumps of teeth, and making me smell her unbearable dragon breath. I stared down at my gruesome meal. I swear I saw something move underneath the slimy layers of unusual vegetables. I was doomed.


By Beth

100WC Week 30 – The Disgusting Dinner

My mum called me down for dinner. I ran down the stairs to the dinner dinner table. I actually didn’t know what we were going to have for dinner but I know it’s going to be yummy. I sat down and in front of me was a silver platter with a lid on it. Then my mum opened the lid… Grosssssss! It looks like puke! But I didn’t say a thing to my mum because I knew she tried her best. I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting! I took a bite and swallowed it without letting it touch my tongue. It was so bad that I fainted and got very very sick.   

Ahhhh!, Raw Chicken!- 100WC Week 30

On my kitchen rules, I was judging, people call me the best chef in the whole world. When I arrived, I walked to the table, I ordered the chicken and the pudding,( I really felt like chicken that night) then  and waited and waited. 3 hours later…. I was still waiting for my food, then finally, out they came with my food. I was shocked to see that the chicken, it only looked like it was cooked for 15 mins! It was pink as pink. I just couldn’t eat something so raw. I pushed the plate forward my face was pale, and I said….