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Spelling Practice

Please refer to your reading box as to what level you are to practice.


Pirate Spelling 


Grammar Tutorial



Spelling Academy Game






Noun Dunk

Try to make basketball shots by answering questions correctly. Decide if a word is a common noun, proper noun or not a noun.

Noun Dunk





Please click on the cartoon below to access ToonDoo. It is a fantastic web2 tool for making your own cartoons. In literacy this week create your own three frame cartoon,save it as private, then email me the embeddable code.

Screen shot 2011-06-11 at 9.09.57 AM

Mrs Boyhan’s Cyber safety ToonDoo


Daniel’s ToonDoo
Daniel_'s cyber safety toondoo
Aimee’s ToonDoo
Aimee cyber safty

8 thoughts on “Literacy Links

  1. I thought the Toondoo was really fun and easy because instead of taking ages to draw cartoons, you can just go on Toondoo! 🙂 I’ve never really done anything like it. going on Toondoo was another fantastic way to show my learning.

    I think Toondoo was really good!

  2. I think that Toondoo is really fun and a good tool but toon doo has too many features to get distracted in and can put you off task for a long time, Plus Toondoo is a great way to learn and a have never been on something like that before.

  3. I think Toondoo is great to do. It is so fun. They look really cool and are easy to do. It’s great because you can save your Toondoo.

  4. I think that toondoo is a really fun activity to do during literacy time because you can be really creative and have fun decorating your toondoo

    Diego M

  5. Well done to those who have managed to publish on Toondoo!. The finished cartoons look great and communicate important cyber safety information. Very impressive! Mrs Weston

  6. Well done Grade 5/6 the next step is to print all the ToonDoos and create a cyber safety book to share with the infant classes.

    Mrs Boyhan

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