Homework Term 2

1 June Homework.

Please click the link below to access your homework this week. This homework is due on the 20 June.

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French vocab games




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Term 3, Week 5 Home Work Sheet

7 thoughts on “Homework

  1. I felt scared as I watched everybody go, I knew I was next and I would have to run fast. I saw everybody run so fast I could not believe it. I wanted to do well in discus or shot put and I did ok. I thought how would I go in the 100 meter run …

    • Great work on your passage maybe add in more facts like the five W’s
      Who is eg. fast, slow
      What day?
      where did you run?

  2. I felt excited because I was racing soon in the 100m sprint.I really wanted to win ,I came fifth.Then I had the 200m sprint.I really wanted to get a ribbon because I hadn’t got one yet. Unfortunately I came fifth and didn’t get a ribbon.

  3. The person who I think uses the Holy Spirit in the local community to make a difference is Father Werner.
    Father Werner is our parish priest at my school, St. Bedes Primary in North Balwyn.
    Father Werner teaches our school community and the parishioners how to be holy people through teachings of God and the Holy Spirit.
    He makes a difference to others by setting an example for all to follow, showing us how to me merciful, caring and kind to all.
    One example of how Father Werner acts like a Good Samaritan is by supporting the Mini Vinnies food collection drive at our school. He is encouraging us to collect food to give to the poor and hungry people.

  4. Puis je aller aux touillet Silvit plait?

    Puis je avoir mon stylo Silvit plait?

    Puis je obitiner aux orange?

    Puis je avoir mon banana Silvit plait?

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