French links

Grade trois / quatre, use the links below to support your French learning, sil vous plait. Viva La France!

French flag


French Online Learning Portal

Click the French Languages online picture above to access the French online learning site

French Videos

Please practice the gestures and pronunciation using our French Gesture Books and Videos.






These can help with remembering the Francais mots but the gestures maybe different.

French gesture unit 1


French unit 2


French unit 3


Mot de Jour

Watch these videos to support learning new vocabulary to help you communicate in francaise.

Watch this video to hep you learn your vocab for animals, colours, clothes and much more. Watch just a section at a time as advised in your homework to help you learn the vocab we are using in class.

Watch and read along with this old favourite picture book.

French vocab games

Click the link above to play games to reinforce your French vocab.


French books

Listen to the stories

1.La Chanson du clic clic – The Song Clic Clic

2. Le Pays du Soleil – The Land of the Sun

3. Cleo La Vache – Cleo the Cow

4.  Marracas le supergeant – Rattles the Supergiant

5. Le Nuage Coquin – The Rogue Cloud

6. Qui Fait Peur A Jan – Who Made Jan Frightened?

Pause as you go and see if you can translate the page!

Bonne chance!!