The Good Samaritan

In Grade 3/4 we have been studying the Scripture ‘The Good Samaritan’. We have been making connections between the scripture and our world and identifying the good Samaritans we see in the ‘Syrian Refugee’ crisis and how we can be Samaritans in our lives. We have discovered that the story of the Good Samaritan is just as real and relevant to us today.

We created Glogster posters to show our understanding of this story in our world today.

Winter Poetry

We have now entered Spring in Australia, but we have been reflecting on how we felt in Winter. Grade 5/6 please enter your winter poetry that accompanied your snowmen art work. Visitors what is your favourite season and why?

St Patrick’s Day

Grade 5/6 have been writing acrostic poems about St Patrick. Here is the poem that we wrote as a class. Grade 5/6 share your poems here. To our visitors do you know any facts about St Patrick that you can teach us?

St Patrick,

The patron saint of Ireland and Melbourne,

Patrick is his name,

And we celebrate on the 17th of March,

To celebrate people dress up as leprachauns,

Really it’s a laugh for young and old,

If you find a 4 leaf clover it is lucky,

Celebrated around the world,

Kicked out the snakes from Ireland.

By 5/6LJ