Connections in our Environment

Last Friday we worked with Kath and started to find connections between living things in our environment. Here is our initial thinking.



We are Historians!

This term we are learning to be historians. We had a ‘real life’ historian Dr Butler visit us yesterday. She taught us about how to interview people and to tell their story.

We have discovered that many artifacts can tell us about history but we can find out a lot more through people’s stories.

Grade 3/4 what is one thing you learnt from Dr Butler?

Grade 3/4 Biodiversity Excursion to St Kilda Eco Centre

Last Friday Grade 3/4 visited the St Kilda Eco Centre. While we were there we participated in the following activities:

  • Auditing the biodiversity of the park
  • Mini beast hunt
  • Looking at creating habitats for animals that have had their habitats destroyed
  • Looking at the habitats in the park and identifying bird calls

We had a great day consolidating our learning about biodiversity and learning new things to help us make a difference.

What was something you learnt, enjoyed or discovered on our excursion? Record it here to share with our community.

Excursion 3

excursion 1

Biodiversity in Boroondara

Grade 3/4 LB please use the link to research what are the native fauna and flora of Boroondara and record your findings here on the blog. Then start to collect one image of each of these fauna so that we can make a Imovie trailer about the native fauna of our area.

Native Fauna

Native Flora




Hi we have been making maps on Google in term 4. My map includes landmarks, states, territories, and capital cities.

P: I liked how we got to make digital adjustments to our map. I liked how we could add it on this blog.

M: I hated that we cant add 3D affects. 

I: I was interested in the facts I researched. I learnt that Sydney contains 20% of Australia.


Lachie’s Map of Australia!

In 3/4LB we have been learning about geographical features. So in I.C.T. we create a map of Australia and when we are done then we can do the same with a map of neighboring countries. In our map we have to include the Capital Cities, the States and Territories, Landmarks and some houses.

P- I loved the way we could put our houses and Landmarks. It was a really hard activity, but I learnt how to do it and it was fun and entertaining.

M-  I think that it will be sad because the term is nearly over so I can’t do the maps with Ms Fitzgerald.

I-  It was interesting because we learnt how to post on our class blog.


My Maps!

Bridget’s Map Of Australia

In term 4 we have been learning about the geographical features of Australia and our neighboring countries. In ICT we have been creating maps of Australia including all its capital cities, states, territories , some landmarks  and some famous rivers.

P  I really enjoyed this. It was fun learning about Australia and how to use my maps website. I didn’t know you could create a map on a computer.

M  I don’t have any minuses about this I loved doing it and I will show my whole family about this.

I  I found it interesting to add markers and type my information on the markers and change the colours and shapes. I didn’t even know my maps existed. 

Bridget’s map of Australia

El’s Map Of Australia

In term 4, in ICT I learnt about how to create a map of Australia including all its capital cities, territories, states, some landmarks, population and rivers.

P :  I really enjoyed learning how to use this website because I now know how to change the markers on maps and the colours. I also learnt how to search up a picture of the thing that I was researching. it was really fun!!! 

M :  It was a bit tricky for me to get the population of each capital city because it doesn’t know the exact amount for this year. 

I :   It was very interesting that something that looked so hard was very easy.


El’s Map of Australia