Abstract Art

We have started learning about abstract art in Grade 5/6. We started by looking at Jackson Pollock. Next term we will learn about the artist Kadinsky that Mrs Boyhan learnt about from Mr Williams last year.

Here is our digital splah art inspired by Jackson Pollock. Grade 5/6 what do you know about abstract art so far?

Splash Art by Grade 5/6 on PhotoPeach

Winter Poetry

We have now entered Spring in Australia, but we have been reflecting on how we felt in Winter. Grade 5/6 please enter your winter poetry that accompanied your snowmen art work. Visitors what is your favourite season and why?

Picasso style synthetic self portraits

Grade 5/6 have looked at Picasso’s Cubist period this week. They looked at examples of Picasso’s synthetic cubism (The Weeping Woman) and his analytical cubist period (The Guitar Player).

Here are the self portraits that the Grade 5/6 students created in the synthetic cubist style.

What is something you learnt about Picasso or the Cubist movement?

Grade 5/6 have been inspired by Vincent VanGogh

The Grade 5/6 students this term have been looking at some of the art work of Vincent VanGogh. They have  been learning about Van Gogh’s life and some of the different techniques he used in his art work and been inspired to try these themselves.

Have you ever been inspired by an artist and had a go at using their techniques to create your own masterpieces? What artists have inspired you?