The Slime 100WC Week 29

One day a poor sewer girl was working in the sewers, and she fell into toxic waste and it turned her into a mutant monster. From then on she was known as the slime.  Terrorizing the city night and day.  One night the slime dripped through the drains looking above when a little girl passed by she was furious of what she used to be and said that is my next victim. The next day she  took her here and into the toxic waste and know she has a whole army everyday finding new victims.

By Alyssia




One day i was watching slime master on youtube learning how to make slime then i saw a video called HOMEMADE SLIME OMG. i knew what i was going to do, i watched the video and got the ingredients. You needed glue, borax and then this special soap that does this random thing. I made the slime and the it said to leave it overnight so i did. The next morning i woke up so excited to see the slime. I got dressed and looked….. !!!!’ WHAT’ my eyes were peering at what happened. THE SLIME DRIPPED THROUGH THE BOWL. I was walking gingerly on the slime. SQUISH SQUISH. I now know i should never trust the internet.

By Oscar


I’m at a secret lab with another test subject and i’m really tired. The reason i’m tired is because the flight was 36 hours it was agony. But now i’m here and i’m happy. It’s really dark around here for no good reason. I enter a room it’s weird there’s a tube full of green slime and The slime was dripping through the roof. There was another guy who was with me this whole time. There was the sound of a gun firing. I see the other person dead. I manage to parkour my way out. I see a squad a military squad I run to them and tell them the whole story.

To Be Continued…
By Marcus


One day when I was in my warm smelling kitchen making SLIME. I used pink and purple coloring to color my slime. I had just finished filling in a cup with slime when all of a sudden a tiny earthquake erupted. Then a massive hole was made so I called Mr Fixet but he was busy so I called Mr I Can Do Anything but he was at an anything party. Then I rushed to the hardware store to get a rock to fit the hole but when I came back. The slime dripped through…


To Be Continued


Slime That Kills – 100WC Week 29

It was a warm afternoon in year 1987 when someone went to move to a new house. The house was old and some say it was Haunted. He didn’t believe it but when he went in the door slammed shut! He unpacked but when his clothes touched the ground it turned into burning, fiery slime. He ate his dinner and as he walked slime appeared! He scoffed thinking the people who tried to trick him was rubbish. He slept and as he was sleeping his bed was slowly turning into slime. When he woke up he saw his hand. The slime dripped through his hand it slowly started covering him and melting his body. “Arrghhh!’’ He shouted…..

By Liam


100WC Week 29 – The Mine

I don’t know how, but I ended up in this dirty old wooden mine. I walk beside old mine carts that are all rusty and dirty. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going somewhere. I go straight, then left, then right… Then I stop… I stop because I see the most peculiar thing ever… I see green gooey slime dripping through the ceiling. The slime dripped through faster and faster. I don’t know what to do. I just stand there for about ten minutes. The smell of the slime gets worser and worser. Then I see the cart that the slime was falling into. I go up to it and look inside… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

By Gemma

Mr Slime- 100 WC – Week 29


One day I was was watching a program about birds. Suddenly a bird flew through the TV AND POOPED ON ME! My mum said I have to have a bath, so I did. I popped in the bath and my mum shut the door. Because I didn’t want her to know I sneakily put slime in… BOOM! All of a sudden MR SLIME POPPED OUT! I did not want my mum to know. She absolutely hates him for some reason. She may hate him but I like him alot. Wait a second where even is he! The slime was dripping through the drain…

The Deadly Slime-100WC Week 29

One beautiful day at fairy land, I  was strolling along the candy road to go to the lolly market to buy lollies for dinner, then suddenly I heard a stomping sound, I listened…..I wondered, then suddenly I big monster came stomping one the candy road. He was carrying disgusting green slime. The slime dripped through his sac. All the fairies screamed. I wondered why he was carrying slime. Would there be something bad about it? Then he put the slime on the fairy the fairy turned into slime. Suddenly the monster came running to me!!!I screamed. Then the monster suddenly….


The fail slime- Week 29


   I was sitting on my bouncy bed watching some slime videos on my ipad. I got so satisfied so I went to the pantry and got  food coloring, shaving foam , borax and glue and I mixed them all together. It did not work, The slime dripped through my hand and it made a mess on the floor. I was very depressed because I just wasted food coloring, shaving foam , borax and glue. I went back and went to bed, but for some reason and all of this sadness was a dream.

The End

The Slimey Day 100wc-Week 29

One day when I was watching TV, I heard some creaking noises and a drop of pink slime fell on my forehead. It smelt really nice, almost like roses. I don’t know where it came from but there is a place called pink land in the area so it may of came from there. Suddenly the whole house was shaking and huge blobs of slime came tumbling down on top of me. Then the sink filled up with pink slime and the slime dripped through the house. I rushed outside and took cover under a tree. When I saw what was happening, I fell back onto my hands. There was a humongous cloud of pink slime and it was raining just on top of our house. I was really confused.

By Dominique