Smelly Slime

Once upon a time there was a boy called jerry J he was a mouse. One day he was frolicking around the smelly sewers when he came across something rather strange it was a red slime, he didn’t want to touch it because he did not know what exactly  it was. Then he knew it was slime because the slime dripped  through the sewer pipes . Pew ! He thought that stinks so he ran back through the sewer but on the way back he saw a shadow over his head he turned around and it was the slime he ran but no “arghh”…..


                                                                                                                                                                                    By Marc


Slime 100WC week 29

One night at my house I was running in my backyard practicing for cross country. I had to do one hundred laps in my backyard I was only on fifty. It was only 4:30pm so I decided to run a little bit faster. About an hour later I was having dinner, I said to mum “I need to go to the toilet. So I went to the toilet, After I went back to the table but then I heard something in the basement. So I went in the basement and there was slime everywhere! I couldn’t believe it. “I think I flushed it to hard!”. By Miquel

…the slime dripped through …

I was  outside having a walk. I stepped on to something gooey I groaned “why do I always have a bad day. I went back to have a shower when I turned on the water. Suddenly the slime that I stepped on was oozing down. The slime was dripping through my hands. I ran got changed and ran and ran, Then a ginormous slime monster  appeared I ran but it grabbed me and it ate me! It was just a nightmare. I went to get some milk once I drank my milk I cleaned the milk slime was dripping down it wasn’t a nightmare!


                             The End

The Night Of The Living Slimy And Also Disgusting Monster

The Night Of The Living Slimy And Also Disgusting Monster

One day I was strolling through gloomy museum. We were looking at the glorious and amazing  sculptures and creations. Every exhibit we look at were all fascinating! When we looked at the last exhibit we saw even more fascinating things  then the slime dripped through the ceiling. It was dripping fast it was like it was creating something eventually it actually did! The monster was chasing us like crazy!  We ran to the car and went in straight away. We drove home terrified. We never went to that museum ever again.

By Luca


The Horrible Slime 100WC – Week 29

One sunny day my sister was making slime. She made a lot of green slime and chucked it in a container to bring it to the cafe. When we arrived we went inside and the waiter said “Sorry but you can’t bring slime inside.” so he threw it in the drain. the slime dripped through slowly. My sister cried because it was a waste of time and money. The slime went inside poison liquid and came alive! It went out of the sewer and burned every shop in the street and the more it burns the bigger it gets! I got stuck inside of it and it actually tasted like jelly.



One morning I was walking to the chemistry lab for the new experiment. When I got to the lab the experiment was already done. Boom something just exploded I ran to the room all I saw was a big pile of slime but then it just melted through the steel floor what but how can that just melt? then it came me I ran for my life but then…

100WC – Week 29

Glues to find the Treasure


Far far away from our Galaxy there were 1 million people from each country trying to find some treasure.  The first clue that they needed was to pass through some slime. The second clue that they needed was to pass through a volcano. The slime was sticky and wet and was dripping every where  which made it hard to get through. The colour was light green  like the colour of the grass and it smelt like the shampoo that I use in the shower.   Once you found the treasure you had to buy it for a lot of money.

By John

Haunted house week 100WC

One day there was a girl and her name was Chloe and her best friend Ruby. One day at there school there was a school fair. First the girls got some fairy floss it was delicious. After there fairy floss they went on the rolercoaster it was so fun. Next they went on the haunted house it looked very scary. Chloe said “do you want to go on it?” “Yes.” So Chloe and Ruby went to the haunted house. They had to wait in the line. Finally it was their turn, they walked into the haunted house, it was dark and spooky. All of a sudden the slime dripped through. Oh no! They ran to the door but it was stuck……

By Louise

100WC week 29 the evel slime

Once upon a time there lived a pack of slime! In a house nearby, was a family

that lived in a small cottage. The son came out of the cottage and saw stinky slime

ripping through the garden. The son warned his hole family and they all saw the slime

and wandered slime is not supposed to be here. The pack of slime at the beginning

fell over and the slime dripped through. The family didn’t know what to do. But then

the dad came out with a  pump and began to pump out all the slime. It was working

soon enough all the slime was gone and they all lived happily ever after THE END

The Slime-100WCweek29

There was a puff of smoke and silvery, mysterious mist swirled around the classroom. Another attempt at making the foulest slime in the world. Failed. Though I thoroughly remember putting ingredients in the their bowl there was nothing. I sighed and left. When I was walking in the corridor I noticed the foulest of of all sents. It smelled of rotten meat and out of date milk that had been left out on the bench.The smell was coming from above. The slime dripped through the vent above.I squealed. Suddenly the slime draped around me. I was suffocating quickly…


By Beth