Strange-100WC Week 28

I walked  casually through the ancient museum, until I saw a terribly peculiar sight. Someone…. Something melted miraculously through the wall opposite me. I fell back flat on my back as if a huge wave of force had pushed me back. The world went black. Raspy voices surrounded me. They seemed to be deciding what to do with me. “Boil him with stew!” one said. “He’ll be to chewy” another wailed. “ I’ll teleport him back if you keep arguing!” an elder voice warned, and with a flash of white everything turned back to normal as if nothing ever happened.Very strange.


By Beth

The Magnificent James And George 100WC Week – 28

One stormy night James and George was playing monopoly and a fairy rushed inside of their house and since it was invisible it poured a “walk through anything” spell on their head and made them walk through things. Next morning they went to school and got into a fight with 10 other people and then James and George went and hit them and George said “let them get a hit!” and then the others tried slapping them but it went right through them and the 10 people said “We give up!” When James and George went home they got billions of dollars for being able to go through anything.

By Max

The Weird Day- 100WC Week 28

When I was walking Through a strange museum I saw the most weirdest and peculiar thing. There were two people walking through a wall. I had never seen anything like it before, they were literally walking through it. Did these people have super powers? I didn’t know, so I went to go ask them but they had banished from the area. I was shocked, scared and another feeling that I could not really explain. It would feel so weird to walk through a wall. I don’t know where they were going. I really wanted to know. I had enough of weird things for one day, so I went back home.

By Dominique

The Mummy’s Violin-100WC Week 28

Once  upon a time there was a harmless mummy called Violin who owned a house and played the violin. But he broke a string by cutting the string instead of the paper. So Violin went through walls to get to the shop to fix the violin. But the owner of the shop got scared because there was a mummy in his shop. So he called the police, went to court, the Violin’s lawyer was speechless, and Violin had to go to jail for the rest of his life for breaking a string of a violin.

By Joseph

Night At The Creepy Museum 100WC Week 28

Night At The Creepy Museum

One dark night my family and I were walking through a dark and gloomy museum.  We looked at the marvellous creations and we all chose our favourite creation at each section and kept walking along. Finally we were going to see the last creation when we saw TWO MEN WALKING THROUGH A WALL!!!!! I rushed off to follow them around the corner but they were not there. But then I turned around and there was one right behind we ARGH! And I fainted I woke up back at home and then had dinner I did not feel good ever since…

Oh Me Oh My!

As I was walking down the hallway I heard the sound of tiptoeing. It gave me the shivers down my spine. So I walked gingerly down the hall and ran to my hideout. To my surprise a 15 year old boy and a 16 year old girl were peeking around the house. Luckily I had set a few cheeky traps for unwanted visitors. My traps work perfectly because I tested them. I had been very surprised by what I saw. Suddenly they walked right through my trap and were never seen again…

By Sophia

The peculiar Boy 100WC week 28

One scorching hot day in ancient Egypt, there was a very peculiar  boy he was naughty but very smart he was able to go through walls. One day, he went into a pyramid and went through the walls when he went through one he got really stuck! He finally got out but someone was behind him it was the pharaoh he  saw the shell of when he got stuck because no one knew that he could walk through walls so  was terrified and thought it was there ancient god Tadus.The pharaoh ran away and told everyone what he saw  but no one knew it was him.


By Alyssia

Terrifying Tuesday

One day there was a family but no ordinary family . It was a family with 2 children named May and Jeff and a Wife named Ruffey and a Husband named Frankie. Frankie always got what he wanted but the others never did. His family never thought of him as a good man and the family knew they had to do something. That night they were watching Harry potter on the tele and they saw him run through the wall so they had and idea. The next day they pretended they loved Harry potter to convince him to run through the wall so he did. They shouted “5 4 3 2 1” and he ran through the the wall and never came back again.


By Oscar  M                     END


Walking through walls

One day in the abandoned school there was a mystery about people going missing. They said people were travelling in secret passages and using magic but of course this was a fib. Other people even said they saw them going through walls. I thought I would try to investigate this mystery So I went to the basement I gingerly stepped inside. this the crime scene was. I saw a glimpse of someone walking through the wall. This was mysterious. Then suddenly someone pulled me into the wall and that was the end of me.

The End