What? – 100WC Week 24

One day when I was walking I saw a peculiar sight. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a ginormous thing it was a…hand with a tree growing out of it!

I wondered to myself how did it get here? Am I seeing things or Am I making up things? I realized that there was a giant under the ground. I thought is it opposite day. I was thinking how is the ginormous giant growing a tree in the palm of his hand. Soon a wiggling worm wriggled out of the tree. Am I thinking crazy things?

I thought to myself, “Am I blind?” My brain is in a gigantic mess. I am thinking of 1000 other things.What am I going to do!!

To Be Continued


By Sophia

Abandoned Area – 100WC Week 24

One day a slimy snake named  slithered up the tree. What he didn’t know was that a humongous grey hand was slowly lifting up the tree. Snakes are normally small so it wouldn’t matter if it lifted it up because it wouldn’t hurt it self so much. But this Snake was MASSIVE! Because it was so huge the tree was slowly fracturing apart. Approximately two minutes later the tree was gone and so was the snake. The grey hand disappeared and onwards from that day no one was allowed in the area.

The Hand-100WC week 6

It was a frosty morning in river swamp park and I looked about. Nothing had changed. The old mossy oak tree stood on the side of the cobblestone path. At that moment a thundering rumbling was coming from underneath the ancient old moss tree. Five fingers appeared out of the blue. Then a palm of a hand! Next a hole arm! I was in shock! I was in amazement! Suddenly a snarling face started rising. Before long I realised not only one but two gnarly faces were sneering the park. I stared in horror. What was going on? I screamed… 

By Beth


One fine morning I was walking around the park, when I saw a incredible sight. It was a giant hand! I was very scared I saw a massive pipe. I crawled in very gingerly I was scared at the time but I was safe in the pipe. I was crawling for hours until I reached the end of the pipe. I was super tired I just had to stop. I fell asleep because of my tiredness, the moment I woke up everything was black. I screamed for help then I heard the most loud sound ever it was an atomic bomb that had gone off.

To Be continued…

By Marcus

Magnetic Man

One day in new york city there was national crime and magnetic man was on the loose. He was thoroughly tearing down new york city and no one new what to do but suddenly a man with a fist made of iron attracted the magnetic man  out of the ground but only the hand came out he pushed and pushed finally got him out of the ground the magnetic man screamed”you must die!” he chased him  until he tired  out and then bashed him on the ground


                                                                                                     By Marc

The Masteries Garden 100WC Week 24

One evening, a playful little girl called Ellie was playing in her garden when a very peculiar site caught her eye a gigantic hand slowly rose up from the ground. She was terrified but also quite curious and went to have a look but just in case it was dangerous she walked gingerly  to the enormous hand. When she was able to have a closer look she found out that she could stand and sit in it it was remarkable but then the hand rose down until you could only see half of it and then it……

One Murky Day – 100WC Week 24

One day I was at a murky swamp and suddenly the ground started shaking. There was a colossal tree  something was coming under the tree. Out of the corner of eye a giant hand coming out! Then some more hand came out under the trees. I tried to climb onto the colossal tree because a chest appeared there. I gingerly opened the chest and there was a magical wand I took it out and suddenly I saw flashes of my memories I’ve saw this chest before I just didn’t notice it. Then the wand was very useful in my life.

Lost – 100WC Week 24

One sunny  day I was storming through my tower. I was late for my meeting on the private level 50. So when I made it the meeting had already finished and my boss said, “Where have you been?”

“I just had party”, I quickly explained. “Why didn’t you call me to say the meeting was on?”.
One week later I went for my daily walk when I saw this weird hand. It was moving so I gingerly took two steps closer. Suddenly it turned to the giant of death. So I ran but the giant took me and destroyed the world. But suddenly I woke up from my bed. It was a dream.

By Miquel

100WC Week 24 Oscar M

One day i was walking in the old leafy path and i was was having a picnic. I had my crunchy bread and my refreshing water to drink “ CRUNCH” “mmm this bread is good”. I have some water and then saw say “ i remember now i have my fishing rod and i have worms in my bag to’ ‘ LET’S GO FISHING’. Near a tree i dropped my golden rod and then it sunk in. i stared at the tree, then white pale hand came out of the grass and then it gave me back my golden rod. Then…… I WENT FISHING  ‘ i love fishing’


By Oscar


The Mysterious Hand – 100WC Week 24

One sunny afternoon I was driving down the road. I saw something very strange. I stopped the car. I got out of the car and I went into the park and saw a huge hand with a tree growing out of it. I stopped and looked at it for a while. I wondered if it was a real hand. The next minute the ground started to shake and a big crack appeared near the hand. I was terrified and ran for my life.

By Luke