The Ancient Wall – 100WC week 24

I was walking through a thick emerald forest when i saw a remarkable thing, i creeped in gingerly when i triggered a trap door! I dropped down flat. My legs were in pain as i struggled to stand up, i took grip on the wall pulled myself up. I walked step by step to this glowing yellow chest, however i didn’t have a key. I hunted the area for the key when i came upon an  ancient wall with patterns, i got my hand and wiped all of the dust away when i discovered…

By Liam

The Hand – 100WC Week 24

One beautiful sunny day, I was walking in the park with my dog. The birds were singing and the children were laughing.

I was just walking past a tree when I heard a grumble. Then the ground shook, ‘EARTHQUAKE!” I cried. I picked up my dog and found myself behind a park bench that had been pushed over by the earthquake.

We suddenly saw something, a few little grey things started to rise, I only got more scared. Then I saw a fingernail! As it grew I became more certain it was a hand. It pushed the tree right next to me and pushed himself up…

Then I saw an arm…

The tree

 Hi, I’m Jerry the Giant and I absolutely hate trees, all they do is take up space. Anyway, yesterday, I went around the block doing my daily walk like usual. Then I saw a tree in front of me. I hate trees so every time I see one, I always pick it up, and throw it to Mercury. (Because I’m a giant). But that particular tree looked unique, and it had apples, so I ate the apples, and left it to grow. Now when I come for my daily walk, I eat the apples from the tree, and I don’t throw the tree to Mercury.


By Joseph

The hand! – 100WC week 24

Today is the most beautiful day, the birds are singing. I have decided to go to the park with my dog YoYo.

I am at the park now with  YoYo.

 Why is YoYo growling at a tree, a tree can’t do anything wrong? Well can it?.

Oh no, is that an earthquake!

Ahhhhh, there is a ginormous hand coming out in front of the tree, that YoYo was growling at! It was not an earthquake! It’s a massive hand! “Come on YoYo, we need to run and get out of here right now.” Nooooo, a body is coming out and chasing us. “Run run run!”

To be continued….

The Great Big Friendly Giant – 100Wc Week 24

One day I was strolling through the lovely and calm park. I saw something  very weird. It was a big, grey hand reaching out above the ground as if there was a great big giant lying beneath. I carefully walked a little closer to see if it was a real hand. When I was about 1 meter away from the hand, the hand shot up like a rocket and out came a huge giant. At first I was scared but then the giant smiled at me and picked me up. That’s how the giant and I became friends.

By Dominique

100WC-week 24-Mysterious Monster

Mysterious Monster

I am in a national park with my family and we are walking along the path, looking at the remarkable sculptures. Me, my brother and my sister are doing a hunt where you have to find all of the sculptures. So far we only need to find one more and the last one is so hard to find! Eventually we came across a peculiar looking thing it looked like a hand about to grab a tree. My brother pressed a button on it and a mysterious looking ghost came out and started attacking us I found a book and quickly opened it the monster got sucked back in and I…

The Fat Giant – 100WC Week 24

One day a fat giant moved underground and there was a party in a pizza restaurant. there was a tree outside of the pizza restaurant and since he was underground he couldn’t see it. So then he dug all the way up and saw a tree, it was too heavy for him, started to sink in the dirt like quicksand. it was so LOUD that everyone came outside and saw the giant, everyone fainted even the giant. Five years later the giant died from hunger and thirst. all the people that was at the restaurant was sick and some died.


YOU – 100WC week 24

I was strolling through a emerald green forest when I banged my head on something hard, i woke up struggling to get up as i was half conscious, i suddenly wondered where am I and what just happened? I creeped around the terrain when a big stone hand picked me up with the tree. I tried to scream but i was so scared nothing came out of my mouth, the whole body risen from the ground. “What can i do about this?” i curiously wondered, i saw the head it looked familiar it turned around it’s……

The BFG – 100WC Week 24

Once I was strolling through the lovely meadows. I saw a hand coming out of the grass. I was happy because I thought that it was the BFG. I was excited but I knew it was not fully known if it was the real BFG . Then the moving stopped. It was not The BFG because it just turned to stone. I kept walking and saw something from the corner of my eye, the giant was pulling the tree down so I directly went out of the meadows and went home because I was so scared, so I went to bed and then I realized that all of this was a dream.