…the noise was SO loud…100WC Week 20

One day I was strolling in the night and suddenly I saw someone he had a white face he was walking to  me I shone a flashlight  at him then he teleported away. Then I heard a loud noise it sounded like a scream then some bats flew out into the pitch dark night sky. Then I saw the same person but I wasn’t sure if he was a human so I ran past him. After I ran away I looked back and he wasn’t there anymore how strange then I saw him he was right on front of me…


By William

End of Year Disco – 100 WC Week 20

Me and my classmate were waiting for the bell to ring. All of a sudden I heard a powerful sound but it wasn’t any ordinary sound it was a sound I had never heard before. I was new to the school so I didn’t know what sound was what. But my friend said’’ it’s the bell let’s go to the disco’’. I had so much fun at the disco but the music was to loud. The next day I got an ear infection so the doctor said a good night’s sleep will fix it right up. So that night I had a good sleep…


By Sophia

The Loud Noise – 100WC Week 20

The 100 word challenge


The Loud Noise


One night I was in my bed when I heard a really loud sound coming from the garden. I said that noise was so loud.  So I went into the garden and saw an asteroid I could not believe what I saw.


So after I went back to bed and I heard the sound again but louder .I hopped out of bed and went to see what it was this time when I looked again it was gone. I was so confused then I heard my mum calling me for breakfast it was only a dream I went outside to checked and I saw burnt marks and I knew it wasn’t a dream.


By Alyssia


The big bang – 100WC Week 20

The noise was SO loud but I did not know where the noise was coming from.  I looked  around I wiped my eyes so I won’t seeing things and there was a basketball leading two  too doors and there was a basketball court a really big bang i looked out the window and there was a tornado i ran out of the court i ran through the too doors and there was a jungle i saw a dinosaur. I wiped my eyes so i was not seeing things and the dinosaur was actually there I got on it and it rode me home.


By Luke


The noise was SO loud – 100WC Week 20

The noise was so loud I don’t remember why i’m backstage i’m SO tired I just can’t focus but I need to upstairs to find my friend man I hate criminals I get to the elevator and call it down. A few moments later It’s down I jump on and see him in distress I break through the glass bit of the elevator and push the thug away.  I grab my friend and bring him into the elevator and untie him he goes down the thug gets up and knocks me over the railing I fall into a pool.

I swim up and get out then I wake up.


The End


By Marcus

monster – 100WC Week 20

One day I was at my house and it was my bedtime and I went to sleep.  I Woke up and I head a nose it was loud it was coming from my closet I got up and opened my closet and it pulled me in it said hi  I said what are you the thing said I’am a wobbler do  I said what that no time to explain I have to take you somewhere but we need water, lollys,a hat,3 books,a cheare and pencel and  we have to put in this puket and off we go and we landed in aplace calded …

By Louise

…the noise was SO loud…100WC Week 20

One day when I was in Western Australia with my friend we both admired the beautiful Bay. We had some lemonade.And we spilled our lemonade everywhere and then they heard a bazooka. we were shocked “what” we both said. And then he build a raft and he got to push his hand to push the raft after. “oh no” when they saw a volcano!!!

“Now what’s going to happen something that is more insane” now there was silence “are we ok?”one of them said “yes we are?” said the other one then a sleep dart went into then…


By Julian

Soccer – 100WC Week 20

One day at a school in US Central school in New York boy named Lucas. The only thing loves more soccer is his mother and father. Lucas  would practice every day. He would go to soccer training he was so good he would win every match. But one day he was going to soccer he went on to the pitch he saw a total new kid that his name was Christian was so cool he wanted to be his friend. So the next day he showed Christian all of his skills Christan started to like him. The end


By Miquel

The Loud Noise – 100WC Week 20

One day i heard a loud noise from the woods. i saw a bear

But the bear was not crying. i saw a girl she was not crying

She was feeding fish i walked on. i saw my brother and my dad

And i look at my brother he was not happy he got mad because he got told off by My dad. Josh got very angry. He got very cross at my Dad he was screaming and making growly noises like a bear at my Dad. I felt sad for my brother because he got told off. My Dad pushed Josh in the water and th noise stopped because Josh likes to swim.
By Hannah

The noise was so loud – 100WC Week 20

…the noise was SO loud… I found myself  outside at the park on a really hot and sunny day.  I could hear popping buzzing noises.   I was scared and my body was shaking but I still was curious to find where the noise was coming from.  I was far away but I could still hear it. I  decide to get in the car then we went close to the noise and it was fireworks. The fireworks was rainbow colour. After the fireworks I had so much fun that I was a bit scared. It was the mcfet day with my family.               

By John