Wave – 100WC Week 19

Once upon a time a little boy was going sailing with his family

Then all of a sudden there was a huge wave. It smashed his boat

Get down the boy yelled as he turned around and the wave hit him

off the boat.  As  he  up on well i do not know?

I think I am in a Island or something but I see my family ya!

  But where am I?


By Nate


 One day there was a boy called Noah had no idea what he was doing . SO he decided he wanted to go fishing . When he was fishing the water started to swirl the boat capsized and Noah and his boat swirled away through  the portal . he ended up in a forest he was scared at first but the frightened wore off. then he looked around and saw four of the same boat he was confused.but then he saw a “great big tree” he climbed the tree to see if he could see the portal. He died of stress because He could not breath! …      

                            The End  


By Marc

Boats – 100WC Week 19

One day I was strolling through the the thick jungle when I came across the most peculiar sight. I blinked my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. About four boats were stranded in the middle of a vast clearing!

I clambered in a baby blue sail boat and peered inside.I saw a skeleton!

But this wasn’t a human, it looked like a dog or wolf. On its back was a glinting gold treasure chest.Cautiously I moved inside and tried to open it.The key was in the lock so I turned it and inside was a…

By Beth

Cargo – 100WC Week 19

I was walking down the beach wearing old clothes. Soon I saw a boat it had boxes of cargo I wondered what was in the boxes. But all of a sudden I saw a twirl of wind it was a tornado. The tornado swept the ship onto shore. The cargo was keeping me occupied by making me want to know what’s inside so I opened the box. To my surprise I saw a pleasant parrot which was boring so I opened the next box there were new clean clothes. I bought the whole box of body wear. When I got home I got changed and my mum said…


by Sophia

The Forbidden Forest – 100WC Week 19

Once upon a time there was a spriet called Lily and she was the keeper of the forbidden  forest  one day two trespassers arrived on boats and started to explore the forbidden forest Lilly watched the two trespassers and decided to punish them because they were cutting down  trees so Lily took away all the water and the two trespassers were stranded and no one entered the forbidden forest ever again because they were scared because everyone that went in never came out and that is the story of the forbidden forest.

By Alyssia


Fishing – 100WC Week 19

One day in a lake in England an eighteen year old boy named Jack was fishing. He was trying to find two massive fish. He had to move to a different lake so he travelled all the way to Australia. And sure enough he caught his two massive fish and before  he left he went for lunch at the best pizza place in Australia. Jack ordered a pizza. After two weeks later Jack went back to England and went fishing again and  he was washed away by a tsunami. He ended up in a forest and saw sailboats. The end!


by Miquel

Whale – 100WC Week 19

One day there was a family who were sailing on their boat. And something was under their boat first they thought it was a wave and it happened again they realised it was a whale, and the whale threw the family into the air. I closed my eyes and when I woke up I was in a mysterious forest and there was other boats I woke up my mum and dad…


By Louise


The Boat Ride – 100WC Week 19

One day there were two unicorns and they were happy. They were so happy that they decided to go on a boat ride crossing the seven seas. So they hopped in their magical boat and set off. When they were in water they realised there was a butterfly sea monster and they started to sink but luckily unicorns can breath under water. Then one of the unicorns went at the bottom of the boat and used its power to rainbow fart and shot them into the sky and they landed in the forest and had some tea and biscuits.

By Dominique