No Water! – 100WC Week 19

One stormy night a family went fishing and they saw a big fish. It was a whale! And it was sad because there was hardly any water and they were thinking what to do with the whale. One hour later when there was no water the boat, the whale and the people landed in the forest and they somehow were all stuck to the boat which was really hard to move. Suddenly the animal hunter found them and untied all of them but killed the whale and ate it. They wondered where they were and how they would find their way home.


By Max


Dreams – 100WC Week 19

Once upon time there two people who were called Jack and Jeremy and loved sailing on boats. One day they were going to go to Ireland and sail there. What they didn’t know was they were in a dream so none of this was actually happening in real life. Anyway they had put their boats on the peer and were ready to sail. They had started to sail but they couldn’t move because they were on dirt. Ten minutes later they had worked out how to start, first they bumped into a tree and then a hundred more!

The end

By Anthony

Washed Away – 100WC Week 19

One sunny morning two kids called Lucxter and Lucky decided to go fishing with their new boat because they heard the rarest fish in the world comes out! They hopped on and started the engine and went to the ocean to explore for the ancient fish. Then a  tsunami hit them and all the other fisherman. Lucky opened his eyes in a forest with boats surrounding him and Lucxter on the ground next to him. Lucky searched around the forest looking at all the hurt fishermen. He ran to Lucxter and checked if he was OK but he wasn’t breathing……


By Liam


Daffy and Bugs on the Dead Sea

Daffy duck was playing with Bugs bunny. They were playing a sail competition with their boats.. Daffy said let’s go on the dead sea but bugs bunny said no because the water will dry but Daffy did not answer. But they had to go to the dead sea or Daffy would be upset. Bugs bunny hates Daffy upset so they went to the dead sea but when they were in the water, the water dried and flooded Daffy and Bugs to the shore.. Then Daffy woke up and then he woke up Bugs and and then Daffy said what happened? But Then Bugs replied I don’t really know what happened to us?

By Maria

The Evil Shark – 100WC Week 19

One day a happy family went fishing a little boy said to his Dad  I caught a fish! That’s good his dad said back to him. So they kept on fishing. They sailed far away until his father said. Were going back so he turned the boat around. They could see the shop they got the boat from in the distance. When suddenly their boat got bitten by a shark and it went out of control. “oh no”, said his dad they fell in a waterfall and washed up on damp forest. “where are we”, said the little boy. “I don’t know”, said his father.


By Luca

The Lost Baby – 100WC Week 19

One morning, I was strolling in the park and I decided to go a different way. At the end of the path were wrecked boats. Then I heard crying under one of the boats. I walked over and lifted the boat. Under the boat was an adorable little baby! I gently lifted the baby and went to a nearby doctor. He said that the baby wasn’t sick. So they found the mother of the baby and she said that she lost her baby while walking in the park. We gave her the baby and she thanked us so much.

By Gemma

Tsunami – 100WC Week 19

One day someone was sailing on their boat and there was a humongous tsunami and it crashed on them.They found themselves on their boat then they kept on sailing they didn’t know where they were. Suddenly the water started to go down and they saw other boats near them and the water wasn’t there any more. They found themselves in a forest. Then they looked in the other boats, they saw some people but in some boats there were skeletons.


By William

Troll story – 100WC Week 19

Once upon time there was a prankster gangster who was on a boat. Then a huge tsunami happened but it didn’t matter, the prankster gangster just went down a level on his boat and when the water level dropped, he was in a forest and he saw the sun. The sun is a troll and they climbed up trees 1 year later they went on the boat and water was rising and they were on the titanic and nothing happened so and he woke up and he was in Star wars and they went in the escape pod and they were back on the boat

The end.


By Julian


The colourblind Pirates – 100WC Week 19

 Once upon a time there was a gang of pirates. They were colourblind and they thought brown was blue. They thought they were sailing the Pacific Ocean but they were actually sailing across the African Jungle. They were crashing into trees left, right and centre. The ship was shaking wildly, so wildly that glasses flew out of the case and landed on the captain’s eyes. Then he realised he was sailing on dirt. And he realised he was colourblind brown. The next day he went to the nearest eye doctor.