Never enter an eating challenge

I entered an eating challenge, if I won I would get fifty hundred bucks. It wasn’t a good idea though. You had to eat a disgusting thing. I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting. When I swallowed it, it legitimately tasted like poop. I won but I cheated I hid it in my cheeks. When I got the cash I sprinted to the loo and spat it out I think I needed to brush my teeth ten million times. I Was rich!  

…the slime dripped through …

I was  outside having a walk. I stepped on to something gooey I groaned “why do I always have a bad day. I went back to have a shower when I turned on the water. Suddenly the slime that I stepped on was oozing down. The slime was dripping through my hands. I ran got changed and ran and ran, Then a ginormous slime monster  appeared I ran but it grabbed me and it ate me! It was just a nightmare. I went to get some milk once I drank my milk I cleaned the milk slime was dripping down it wasn’t a nightmare!


                             The End

Walking through walls

One day in the abandoned school there was a mystery about people going missing. They said people were travelling in secret passages and using magic but of course this was a fib. Other people even said they saw them going through walls. I thought I would try to investigate this mystery So I went to the basement I gingerly stepped inside. this the crime scene was. I saw a glimpse of someone walking through the wall. This was mysterious. Then suddenly someone pulled me into the wall and that was the end of me.

The End

..but how can something so tiny …

One day I was in my apartment when I heard something I couldn’t see it. I got my microscope then I saw it it was something but what was it?

I stepped closer it was a monster! I fainted.Next when I woke up and had a look it was still there!  Gingerly picked it up argh! It bit me how could it do this when it’s tiny. I tried to squish it but it was too strong, I went to the kitchen and got a frying pan and whacked it. It cracked the frying pan! I guess it’s  indestructible.

                         The End

By William

One Murky Day – 100WC Week 24

One day I was at a murky swamp and suddenly the ground started shaking. There was a colossal tree  something was coming under the tree. Out of the corner of eye a giant hand coming out! Then some more hand came out under the trees. I tried to climb onto the colossal tree because a chest appeared there. I gingerly opened the chest and there was a magical wand I took it out and suddenly I saw flashes of my memories I’ve saw this chest before I just didn’t notice it. Then the wand was very useful in my life.

The Banana

One day there was a yellow banana however the banana had arms and legs. It was gingerly tip toeing across the room it saw some people then it jumped in a hole in the floor.  Next the banana ran and found a toothpick and used it to defend itself. Then there was something like a hole into a mysterious world. It was too small to fit but it was to excited it discovered something new so it used it’s remarkable toothpick and it opened it! It went inside but it didn’t come out.


One day I saw a  banana and I decided to pick it up and go home and I put it in a cup. I was about to put in a blender but the banana knocked the blender down.. Then I put the banana in the microwave so he couldn’t escape. I went walking again and saw a red banana ,“why are there so many bananas!” I picked it up again. I put it in the microwave again surprisingly they kicked the microwave door and it opened! Finally I put them in a blender and had a delicious banana smoothie.


By William

…suddenly all the lights went out…100WC Week 21

One stormy night me and my friends went walking out in the dead of the night. Some people said when you come in you never come out. We went into the abandoned house and the door closed behind us as we went into the spine chilling house. When we tried to go out we couldn’t escape. They were right, we had to go down into the basement that was the only exit when we went down. All the lights went out there were bones and skeletons everywhere that’s why no one came out. Now we are going to be added to the collection suddenly……


                          The End


By William

…the noise was SO loud…100WC Week 20

One day I was strolling in the night and suddenly I saw someone he had a white face he was walking to  me I shone a flashlight  at him then he teleported away. Then I heard a loud noise it sounded like a scream then some bats flew out into the pitch dark night sky. Then I saw the same person but I wasn’t sure if he was a human so I ran past him. After I ran away I looked back and he wasn’t there anymore how strange then I saw him he was right on front of me…


By William

Tsunami – 100WC Week 19

One day someone was sailing on their boat and there was a humongous tsunami and it crashed on them.They found themselves on their boat then they kept on sailing they didn’t know where they were. Suddenly the water started to go down and they saw other boats near them and the water wasn’t there any more. They found themselves in a forest. Then they looked in the other boats, they saw some people but in some boats there were skeletons.


By William