One day when I was in my warm smelling kitchen making SLIME. I used pink and purple coloring to color my slime. I had just finished filling in a cup with slime when all of a sudden a tiny earthquake erupted. Then a massive hole was made so I called Mr Fixet but he was busy so I called Mr I Can Do Anything but he was at an anything party. Then I rushed to the hardware store to get a rock to fit the hole but when I came back. The slime dripped through…


To Be Continued


Oh Me Oh My!

As I was walking down the hallway I heard the sound of tiptoeing. It gave me the shivers down my spine. So I walked gingerly down the hall and ran to my hideout. To my surprise a 15 year old boy and a 16 year old girl were peeking around the house. Luckily I had set a few cheeky traps for unwanted visitors. My traps work perfectly because I tested them. I had been very surprised by what I saw. Suddenly they walked right through my trap and were never seen again…

By Sophia

Snail VS Hare – 100WC Week 26

One spectacular Saturday a hare was strolling down a winded path. A chicken suddenly realised that the hare was talking to the snail. The chicken curiously listened. He heard that the hare was saying about a race. The chicken thought how can the snail race the hare. So the next day the race was held. The chicken was worried he thought that how can something so tiny win the race. There was no chance that the snail could win. All of a sudden the siren went for the race to start the hare ran but then he stopped to get a drink and this hare had a very big appetite…

By Sophia

What? – 100WC Week 24

One day when I was walking I saw a peculiar sight. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a ginormous thing it was a…hand with a tree growing out of it!

I wondered to myself how did it get here? Am I seeing things or Am I making up things? I realized that there was a giant under the ground. I thought is it opposite day. I was thinking how is the ginormous giant growing a tree in the palm of his hand. Soon a wiggling worm wriggled out of the tree. Am I thinking crazy things?

I thought to myself, “Am I blind?” My brain is in a gigantic mess. I am thinking of 1000 other things.What am I going to do!!

To Be Continued


By Sophia

The Remarkable Sight

There once was a girl called Lulu. She was a girl who always found things. One a sunny day she was walking home from school and to a most peculiar sight there were `

Oh my she was so surprised by what she discovered a remarkable sight of elves and fairies. There lived a fairy called Twinkle and she wore a yellow dress. Twinkle saw that above her was a gigantic foot however the foot was actually Lulu’s foot. Lulu’s foot walked gingerly over the fairies and elves. But Twinkle said “hello” in her  squeakiest voice. Lulu heard Twinkle and said…  

By Sophia

The Worst Day – 100WC Week 22

Yesterday I watched a show made me laugh so much. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself I’m Chloe and I was watching a ridiculously hilarious show. So I peed my pants right now. So this show has got to make Zoe pee her pant to. Like seriously this is crazy.


For lunch I had a chicken and vegemite roll it was disgusting!!!!For dessert I had chilli ice cream with pepper sprinkles I shouted ‘spicy alert’ my mouth was on fire it was horrific. I had the worst day ever.  

By Sophia

Jungle – 100WC Week 21

One dead boring day I was strolling through the horrid damp jungle. My legs were aching. I suddenly saw that the misty Jungle was now pitch black. I realised that it was night and I was amazed by how many miles I had walked.

My phone startled me by how speedy it rang. My mother had called me she said “where are you”. I was so startled by where I was. I strolled right out of the gloomy thick Jungle.

By Sophia

End of Year Disco – 100 WC Week 20

Me and my classmate were waiting for the bell to ring. All of a sudden I heard a powerful sound but it wasn’t any ordinary sound it was a sound I had never heard before. I was new to the school so I didn’t know what sound was what. But my friend said’’ it’s the bell let’s go to the disco’’. I had so much fun at the disco but the music was to loud. The next day I got an ear infection so the doctor said a good night’s sleep will fix it right up. So that night I had a good sleep…


By Sophia

Cargo – 100WC Week 19

I was walking down the beach wearing old clothes. Soon I saw a boat it had boxes of cargo I wondered what was in the boxes. But all of a sudden I saw a twirl of wind it was a tornado. The tornado swept the ship onto shore. The cargo was keeping me occupied by making me want to know what’s inside so I opened the box. To my surprise I saw a pleasant parrot which was boring so I opened the next box there were new clean clothes. I bought the whole box of body wear. When I got home I got changed and my mum said…


by Sophia