Once upon a time there lived a family in a cottage with food not a very posh style,

In fact, very disgusting. “Nonsense”” said a chef. “This food is 100% better than any food!”

The chef was drunk and the son couldn’t eat something so spicy. The chef saw

That the food was 100% spisey! He tried the chili and his face turned super red and

EXPLODED!!!!! He flew away and never was seen again. the family burst out laughing

And never had to taste something so disgousting ever again. They lived happily ever


100WC week 29 the evel slime

Once upon a time there lived a pack of slime! In a house nearby, was a family

that lived in a small cottage. The son came out of the cottage and saw stinky slime

ripping through the garden. The son warned his hole family and they all saw the slime

and wandered slime is not supposed to be here. The pack of slime at the beginning

fell over and the slime dripped through. The family didn’t know what to do. But then

the dad came out with a  pump and began to pump out all the slime. It was working

soon enough all the slime was gone and they all lived happily ever after THE END

100WC week 28

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Paul.  right after the war he loved finding treasures from it. When he saw a wall, just an ordinary wall, he was scared to find a man

stuck inside the wall. Paul thought who is that man and why is he stuck in a wall? Isn’t that

impossible? But then he thought maybe it’s not. Where did he try to go before getting stuck?

It’s all a big mystery and I’m gonna be the first to solve it, thought Paul.So he looked and looked but couldn’t find anything but then he found an answer…..

100WC – week 26

One day there lived a tiny budgie that was so young named Sunny-shine. He was adorable,

but so tiny in an enclosure with open windows. One day his owners saw him not in the cage

but wandering around the house  when the dog was in the house! But they quickly took

Sunny-shine back in his cage but they thought how can something so tiny do such a thing????  The next day they watched the baby and it squeezed out of the windows!

They were stunned and amazed, like so amazed! And also thankful that the dog didn’t eat Sunny-shine.



By Paul

Laughter Milly’s Funny show – 100WC Week 22



Milly’s funny show


One day there was a family that got a dog……………..

It was playing with its friend tiggy and bumped into a clear window

and there was a loud BANG noise! The next day she was chewing

On a shoe and the mum said “MILLY DROP IT!!!!” And the dog named

Milly dropped it. Milly threatened the chickens and scratched

The wire. Once she played with another dog her new friend.

She lay down and  he  was running around in circles but he

Failed to get her up. She thought are you MAD????

That’s the story of Milly. I hope you laughed!!!


Based on a true story and
By Paul