Way too disgusting

How could i eat something so gross. ‘ dad we are rich and you give me this?! this is disgusting.’ my dad replied ‘ what do you mean this is delicious.’ i sigh ‘ i’m never going to eat this you notice’. My dad  started screaming ‘ JUST TRY IT YOU DON’T KNOW IF IT IS NICE OR NOT’. i said fine ‘ i was full of amaze. This is delicious i said wow. ‘ why did it look so gross’, why dad answered remember the old words’ don’t  judge a book by its cover’?. I said no i don’t know that. ‘I’ve been wondering where do you get all this food from anyway?. My dad replied ‘ you don’t need to know’…….




One day i was watching slime master on youtube learning how to make slime then i saw a video called HOMEMADE SLIME OMG. i knew what i was going to do, i watched the video and got the ingredients. You needed glue, borax and then this special soap that does this random thing. I made the slime and the it said to leave it overnight so i did. The next morning i woke up so excited to see the slime. I got dressed and looked….. !!!!’ WHAT’ my eyes were peering at what happened. THE SLIME DRIPPED THROUGH THE BOWL. I was walking gingerly on the slime. SQUISH SQUISH. I now know i should never trust the internet.

By Oscar

Terrifying Tuesday

One day there was a family but no ordinary family . It was a family with 2 children named May and Jeff and a Wife named Ruffey and a Husband named Frankie. Frankie always got what he wanted but the others never did. His family never thought of him as a good man and the family knew they had to do something. That night they were watching Harry potter on the tele and they saw him run through the wall so they had and idea. The next day they pretended they loved Harry potter to convince him to run through the wall so he did. They shouted “5 4 3 2 1” and he ran through the the wall and never came back again.


By Oscar  M                     END


100WC Week 24 Oscar M

One day i was walking in the old leafy path and i was was having a picnic. I had my crunchy bread and my refreshing water to drink “ CRUNCH” “mmm this bread is good”. I have some water and then saw say “ i remember now i have my fishing rod and i have worms in my bag to’ ‘ LET’S GO FISHING’. Near a tree i dropped my golden rod and then it sunk in. i stared at the tree, then white pale hand came out of the grass and then it gave me back my golden rod. Then…… I WENT FISHING  ‘ i love fishing’


By Oscar


100WC Week 23

‘The treasure is down this way guys’ ‘coming’. They get out of the rope elevator and look at the door. ‘ its locked DAMN IT’ *sigh* ‘we need a code’ ‘exactly we need a code’ ‘that book that we had has a code remember the code was 8008’ ‘ you genius’. ‘Well DO THE CODE’  BEEP BOP BOP BEEP CRACK. ‘REMARKABLE’ everything was dusty and foggy then we saw something shining in our eyes ‘ this is what you call TREASURE’ ‘ look my dream car’ ‘yeah about your dream car that’s from the 8s’




Laughter – 100WC Week 22



‘Ahhhh Frankie how ya doin?’


‘I don’t know man how yo goin?’


‘I goin Great’


‘Well let’s walk the dogs’


‘ohhhhhhhhh yehhhh’


‘Uhhhh just wait gotta bring friends’


‘Well I’m sorry Garry ya don’t have any friends’


‘Well I have a pet fluffy cat’


‘Well I’m sorry Garry your fluffy cat is a tree’


‘Well I have a dog jeffrey’


‘You actually don’t your pet dog Is a squirrel’


‘Well then cool kid show me your dog your friends, and your cat?’


‘ meow’


‘Rough rough’


‘Hi hi hi hi’


‘I’m leaving!!’


‘Wait Garry’


‘ what’


‘ this is a secret i have no…


By Garry and Frankie Productions / By Oscar


suddenly all the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

suddenly all the lights went out……


I was Tingling I looked around ‘BANG’  hold my Breath I see a clown mouth I was scared.It feels like the the Ground is rumbling, the speaker goes on ‘ THE KID IN LANE 5 WE ARE CLOSING PLEASE THANK YOU’ I looked in lane 5 there was a light like a piece of shining gold I walked a bit closer to it i say to myself ‘what is it’ ‘ oh no oh no oh no oh no HELP’! i was taken in to a black room they kept asking me questions i didnt answer. 

The End by Oscar 

The Loud Noise – 100WC Week 20

One Day there was a city and this city was full of ghosts.There were 3 girls they loved watching  ghostbusters.


They wished they could become one,but in the future that didn’t happen  one girl became a cleaner, another girl was a manager,another girl would just stay in her hotel and dance.
The next day the cleaner was vacuuming the hallway of the hotel.  There is a mannequin in the hallway behind her. As she was vacuuming  she hears a LOUD CRACK,  the mannequin is moving. The mannequin was chasing the cleaner! She locked herself in the elevator to escape, but when she looked behind herself there was big SCREAMMM!


By Oscar