I Hate Pizza!

One day on Sunday I was eating a pizza, I got a phone call from bros, the people who hold eating contests. They called me to say you are invited to a pizza contest. 5 days later I went to the contest, I was first I also, I said “I just couldn’t eat something so gross”. I decided to quit but I missed the prize which was a Xbox. So the next day I stayed home. But just as I got home something hit my face. It was the most familiar thing ever to creep out of my mind, It was a…

Slime 100WC week 29

One night at my house I was running in my backyard practicing for cross country. I had to do one hundred laps in my backyard I was only on fifty. It was only 4:30pm so I decided to run a little bit faster. About an hour later I was having dinner, I said to mum “I need to go to the toilet. So I went to the toilet, After I went back to the table but then I heard something in the basement. So I went in the basement and there was slime everywhere! I couldn’t believe it. “I think I flushed it to hard!”. By Miquel

Amazed 100WC Week 28

One day Marco was at school playing footy on the oval. His team was called The Vacuum cleaner mummy and the other team was called Dorito nacho freedom. The game started marco grabbed the ball and just about as he was going to kick the ball but he got pushed and went plundering to the ground. One week later marco was standing in the middle of nowhere and he said “where am I.” But when he said it a gate opened. He was amazed. When he walked inside he could walk through walls! By miquel

Robot – 100WC Week 26

Once upon a time there was a robot called the robot 2000. He was a friendly robot he was actually a person who never harmed anyone. So one cheerful morning he rode his bike along the river when suddenly he heard a bang.  BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!! Robot 2000 was so scared his ears were about to fall off. So he kept riding his bike. Another BANG!! “That’s it I’m calling the police” he said angrily. When the police came, Robot picked up the remains of the other robot which made the bang. Two years later the other robot made a very loud noise. It made the whole world angry. “But how can something so tiny scream that loud” robot said weirdly. To be continued.  

by Miquel

Lost – 100WC Week 24

One sunny  day I was storming through my tower. I was late for my meeting on the private level 50. So when I made it the meeting had already finished and my boss said, “Where have you been?”

“I just had party”, I quickly explained. “Why didn’t you call me to say the meeting was on?”.
One week later I went for my daily walk when I saw this weird hand. It was moving so I gingerly took two steps closer. Suddenly it turned to the giant of death. So I ran but the giant took me and destroyed the world. But suddenly I woke up from my bed. It was a dream.

By Miquel

Dad 100WC- week 23

One sunny morning in a busy city there was a remarkable dad named Steve. He would do everything for his children. So when they were strolling in a busy morning when then they were heading out of the city. So they did. However they discovered a yellow and golden . Later by noon they were back at their apartment however they found out that the trophy was from the 1890s olympics. Later after they kept the trophy and made 12,000$ out of it. Two years later Steve was a boss of a construction company called 108 America and he made 20 billion dollars a year and became very rich. By Miquel

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

One time I was in the mama bears kitchen and papa bear and baby bear

came from bed. Papa said “ My porridge isn’t in my bowl.” “It’s because it hasn’t been cooked it yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Mama bear

Hey Jeffy what’s up I don’t know just going to get the car. Wanna come nah got my iPhone 8 because I don’t know where my iPhone 8 is. It’s stuck to you Jeff! mumbled Tom.   

One day Larry searched up something and he searched what does Donald Duck look like. WELL YOUR NAME IS GARRY CHEESEBURGER THE 3RD!!!!!!!!!!!! posted Garry for fun.


Suddenly all the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

One ordinary day in an ordinary house a normal boy named Lucas he was a very normal boy but he loved to read. He even would even read 1,000 page books! So one night at 7:00 pm he was reading and his mum said “look at this” so I came. I saw the most magnificent thing ever!!!! It was a  reading certificate and it said “you have been rewarded 50 billion dollars!!!!!!!!!” I was super amazed it was the best day of my life. But then suddenly all the lights went out so I went out with my nerf gun I suddenly realised it was my friend. The End

By Miquel

Soccer – 100WC Week 20

One day at a school in US Central school in New York boy named Lucas. The only thing loves more soccer is his mother and father. Lucas  would practice every day. He would go to soccer training he was so good he would win every match. But one day he was going to soccer he went on to the pitch he saw a total new kid that his name was Christian was so cool he wanted to be his friend. So the next day he showed Christian all of his skills Christan started to like him. The end


By Miquel

Fishing – 100WC Week 19

One day in a lake in England an eighteen year old boy named Jack was fishing. He was trying to find two massive fish. He had to move to a different lake so he travelled all the way to Australia. And sure enough he caught his two massive fish and before  he left he went for lunch at the best pizza place in Australia. Jack ordered a pizza. After two weeks later Jack went back to England and went fishing again and  he was washed away by a tsunami. He ended up in a forest and saw sailboats. The end!


by Miquel