When I was walking through the shopping centre I saw a nice burger place to eat burgers. I came in because I was hungry so I ordered a burger for me. I couldn’t eat something so disgusting!!!!!! The burgers were horrible and I saw worms in the burger hiding.I told every single person I knew not to go there because it was so so disgusting and there were worms. What a rip off!!!lf not to eat burgers again in my life because maybe all burgers have worms!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!  

The fail slime- Week 29


   I was sitting on my bouncy bed watching some slime videos on my ipad. I got so satisfied so I went to the pantry and got  food coloring, shaving foam , borax and glue and I mixed them all together. It did not work, The slime dripped through my hand and it made a mess on the floor. I was very depressed because I just wasted food coloring, shaving foam , borax and glue. I went back and went to bed, but for some reason and all of this sadness was a dream.

The End

                                                       The Mummy

In Ancient Egypt there was a very fragile statue which was the 200 year old mummy… The mummy was a suspicious little mummy because every 50 years the mummy would teleport to a different spot in the pyramid. But then when the 50 years came by the mummy accidentally teleported one step behind the original spot so the mummy was in the wall forever…….. After every 50 years the mummy would not teleport anymore because she was stuck there. But then the mummy fell on the floor and broke and then Egypt was full of horror because the mummy was the queen…..

…But how can something so tiny….100WC Week 26

I was strolling through the meadows and I saw a midget leaf that was purple. I asked the old men holding it what it was? He said if you eat it you can fly.I said but how can something so tiny make you fly? The old man did not reply and just gave it to me. I ate  it and I was flying really fast all the way to my house! It was a long day so I went to bed for a looooong sleep, But then I realized that all of this was a weird dream.

By Maria

The BFG – 100WC Week 24

Once I was strolling through the lovely meadows. I saw a hand coming out of the grass. I was happy because I thought that it was the BFG. I was excited but I knew it was not fully known if it was the real BFG . Then the moving stopped. It was not The BFG because it just turned to stone. I kept walking and saw something from the corner of my eye, the giant was pulling the tree down so I directly went out of the meadows and went home because I was so scared, so I went to bed and then I realized that all of this was a dream.

So Amazing!!! – 100WC week

I was eating my favourite yellow lolly however the lolly could change colours , it was so remarkable. I was so happy when I heard i was the first person that discovered a lolly like this . I gingerly licked it and it tasted HORRIBLE! I was happy I discovered something but I had to tell everyone not to taste remarkable lolly. I was so happy so I gingerly typed my name to see if I was famous and I was! I had a big summer party because I was finally famous! So I made many new lollies for kids and they were healthy lollies.


By Maria

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

I  was going grocery shopping with my mother. I tried to call my father but unfortunately he was not answering when it was my birthday! I tried to call my friends but all of them  did not answer me, so I went home and all the lights were off and then the lights popped on and everyone said “Happy Birthday Maria” Me and my mother were laughing so much with a laugh that you won’t hear any where unless you know me ! We had so much food and I had the best birthday that I ever had. I opened one present and I saw… A UNICORN!



…Suddenly all the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

suddenly all the lights went out…

I was walking down the alarming hallway in my pajamas. I was anxious when I was walking. I heard voices in my head whispering ‘ Maria don’t be scared just come in the kitchen so i can meet you’ I did not reply or go to the kitchen . I heard footsteps coming toward me.I dashed towards the closet and hid inside with a knife in my hand. My heart was thumping and my spine was vibrating but then someone broke the window and came in the same room I was in. They reached in the closet and I saw……
                                             By Maria

…the noise was SO loud – 100WC Week 20

I was strolling  in the emerald meadows. I heard voices in my head. The voices were louder. My hands were turning blue. I was shaking so I roamed very slowly. I heard someone say ‘come Maria don’t be scared’. I did not reply. I dashed forwards to find the person who was whispering to me. I saw the female behind the bushes. I tried my best to be brave but I just could not so I screamed as loud as I could. The lady was dying. Her ears were very fragile. Then on her hand I saw a bag I reached in the bag and saw……

                                                                                      By Maria


Daffy and Bugs on the Dead Sea

Daffy duck was playing with Bugs bunny. They were playing a sail competition with their boats.. Daffy said let’s go on the dead sea but bugs bunny said no because the water will dry but Daffy did not answer. But they had to go to the dead sea or Daffy would be upset. Bugs bunny hates Daffy upset so they went to the dead sea but when they were in the water, the water dried and flooded Daffy and Bugs to the shore.. Then Daffy woke up and then he woke up Bugs and and then Daffy said what happened? But Then Bugs replied I don’t really know what happened to us?

By Maria