I’m at a secret lab with another test subject and i’m really tired. The reason i’m tired is because the flight was 36 hours it was agony. But now i’m here and i’m happy. It’s really dark around here for no good reason. I enter a room it’s weird there’s a tube full of green slime and The slime was dripping through the roof. There was another guy who was with me this whole time. There was the sound of a gun firing. I see the other person dead. I manage to parkour my way out. I see a squad a military squad I run to them and tell them the whole story.

To Be Continued…
By Marcus

Transform-100WC Week 28

One fine morning a ghost was chilling in his home, but his house was in a wall and it was very weird for humans; but not for ghosts. There was and still is no door because he can walk through walls. Back to the ghost. The ghost’s name was Jerry and he was playing Dota 2. He is very good at it. Then his pal Alex called him, he was also a ghost. He said “sup hommie come over,” so Jerry went there. Jerry was happy to see him. They played World of Warcraft together then someone called them, their number was 400 digits. Then they suddenly turned into humans.
To Be Continued                      By Marcus

The Ant 100WC Week 26

The Ant

One fine morning I was walking around the park. I then saw an apple on a tree, I grabbed it but suddenly it disappeared. I walked back home and was shocked to see my house trashed.

I didn’t know what to do. I had my friends coming over to hang out. I called my gaming team and said “Please come I need my house cleaned”.They came over right away. Then I saw an email that said it was an ant, who trashed my house. “How” I said “but how can something so tiny trash my house” we had to clean for ages. I paid them for the amazing job.
By Marcus


One fine morning I was walking around the park, when I saw a incredible sight. It was a giant hand! I was very scared I saw a massive pipe. I crawled in very gingerly I was scared at the time but I was safe in the pipe. I was crawling for hours until I reached the end of the pipe. I was super tired I just had to stop. I fell asleep because of my tiredness, the moment I woke up everything was black. I screamed for help then I heard the most loud sound ever it was an atomic bomb that had gone off.

To Be continued…

By Marcus

Yummy – 100WC Week 23

One day Mr.Lodep decided to go for a walk he went gingerly to the park where he saw remarkable sight it was a pack of doritos ‘Secret Flavor’ he ran off to eat them.

He opened the pack and ate one suddenly he had teleported to an undiscovered Island. He was amazed that he discovered a new place he was dabbing in excitement as he jumped around.

However how  could he get back? he stopped dabbing as he thought about that. He was screaming “HELP” he shouted waving his hands around. Suddenly he saw a map and doritos he jumped towards the map. He glanced at the yellow map…

By Marcus

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

Yesterday I saw a banana on a banner I decided on getting one so I did I got home  then eyes popped out near the top of the banana. It saw me with its eyes! I ran into the wall and fell down. Then it grew legs and started running at me. Suddenly it grew arms I ran to the phone and called the banana exterminators the phone started to ring they busted through the doors. They saw the banana it did puppy eyes and the exterminators fainted. I laughed so hard that I fainted. That day was so funny I can not forget it.



Strange – 100WC Week 21

Chapter 1 Work.

One stormy day in my office I typed on my computer editing the CEO files Well I am the CEO I thought to myself. Meanwhile a little kid runs into the server room and shuts off the server. Ok back to me.

“Man” I say I that little kid then it’s back online I go downstairs and leave.


Chapter 2 home at last.

“Back home” I say while jumping on the couch; Suddenly the lights go out. I rush to my office shut the doors and sit. I turn on the cameras for outside and see someone strange then BOOM! The door comes down and I see…


By Marcus

The noise was SO loud – 100WC Week 20

The noise was so loud I don’t remember why i’m backstage i’m SO tired I just can’t focus but I need to upstairs to find my friend man I hate criminals I get to the elevator and call it down. A few moments later It’s down I jump on and see him in distress I break through the glass bit of the elevator and push the thug away.  I grab my friend and bring him into the elevator and untie him he goes down the thug gets up and knocks me over the railing I fall into a pool.

I swim up and get out then I wake up.


The End


By Marcus