Bad Food – 100 WC Week 30

Bad Food

One sunny bright day Me and my brother were playing football outside. My mum called us inside to get something to eat. But after all that hard football I could not eat anything. I tried to put it in my mouth. I asked my mum what was it? she said it was chicken. I love chicken. But it did not taste nice for some reason. I just couldn’t  eat something so weird. So I tried to eat after aft bites I was ok. But I was still hungry. So I asked for more food. I ate but the same thing. The end.

By Luke

The Mummy- 100WC Week 28

One rainy day there was a kid could Rob. He was playing video games. he turned off his ps4. Rob walked around the house. Rob saw a door that he had never seen before. The door was locked. He got the key for the door. He opened the door. He thought The room was cool so he went closer in. He looked at the wall and he saw something sticking out of the wall. He was scared but he went closer and It was a MUMMY! He got his dad to get a knife. His dad came in and said omg but they put the Knife and Rob played ps4

The Exciting Ant Trail – 100WC Week 26

One sunny day a kid was at his school. His name was Luke. It was almost lunchtime so went to get his lunch. He went to his bag and took out his lunchbox. He opened it and in there he saw an army of ants eating his lunch. He wiped his eyes in disbelief but the ants were still there. “How could something so tiny eat all my lunch!” Luke exclaimed. Then he looked around and realised that there were millions of ants crawling out of his school bag, down onto the floor and along the corridor and out of the school. Luke was so surprised but he was excited to go and tell his friends about the ant trail.

By Luke

The Mysterious Hand – 100WC Week 24

One sunny afternoon I was driving down the road. I saw something very strange. I stopped the car. I got out of the car and I went into the park and saw a huge hand with a tree growing out of it. I stopped and looked at it for a while. I wondered if it was a real hand. The next minute the ground started to shake and a big crack appeared near the hand. I was terrified and ran for my life.

By Luke

laughter – 100WC Week 22

One time I was walking my Dog Cubu and he kept on sniffing on trees and Plants. When I was walking up the driveway my bigger Dog Marcia got out. So I put my dog Marcia back in the back yard. Then I went back inside and the dog was out again. So  went outside and put it back in the back yard. Then my cousins came. the house was really messy. Then I looked at the door. and I looked back and for some reason the house was really clean and I started laughing  and they came in and I had KFC with them. THE END  By Luke.

The huntsman – 100WC Week 21

…suddenly all the lights went out…I went down to the basement and there were spiders hanging everywhere. I found the switch that controls the lights but it felt hairy. I turned on my torch. There was a huntsman there and it bit me.I fainted for 3 hours.  The fire people came and they found me lying on the floor. They took me to hospital. I woke up and I saw a bite on the palm of my hand. They said you got bitten by a huntsman. They gave me medicine and after two days in hospital I got out and everything was back to normal.                By Luke


The big bang – 100WC Week 20

The noise was SO loud but I did not know where the noise was coming from.  I looked  around I wiped my eyes so I won’t seeing things and there was a basketball leading two  too doors and there was a basketball court a really big bang i looked out the window and there was a tornado i ran out of the court i ran through the too doors and there was a jungle i saw a dinosaur. I wiped my eyes so i was not seeing things and the dinosaur was actually there I got on it and it rode me home.


By Luke