The Disgusting Food In The Haunted House 100WC Week 30

The Disgusting Food In The Haunted House

I was walking home from my soccer training, it was extremely exciting.When I got home I heard a extremely annoying sound. I got home and I was so starving. I looked I in the house and there  was nobody in their! I opened the door in horror and stepped inside the spooky house. I looked if there was anything on the table and there was! I sat down and started eating it. But I just couldn’t eat something so spicy! I ran to the bathroom but suddenly I got a shock and I never woke up again….

                          By Luca

The Night Of The Living Slimy And Also Disgusting Monster

The Night Of The Living Slimy And Also Disgusting Monster

One day I was strolling through gloomy museum. We were looking at the glorious and amazing  sculptures and creations. Every exhibit we look at were all fascinating! When we looked at the last exhibit we saw even more fascinating things  then the slime dripped through the ceiling. It was dripping fast it was like it was creating something eventually it actually did! The monster was chasing us like crazy!  We ran to the car and went in straight away. We drove home terrified. We never went to that museum ever again.

By Luca


Night At The Creepy Museum 100WC Week 28

Night At The Creepy Museum

One dark night my family and I were walking through a dark and gloomy museum.  We looked at the marvellous creations and we all chose our favourite creation at each section and kept walking along. Finally we were going to see the last creation when we saw TWO MEN WALKING THROUGH A WALL!!!!! I rushed off to follow them around the corner but they were not there. But then I turned around and there was one right behind we ARGH! And I fainted I woke up back at home and then had dinner I did not feel good ever since…


I was strolling through the thick gloomy jungle when I saw a very peculiar sight. It looked like a type of spider but it definitely wasn’t. It came closer, and I realised it was extremely miniature. Then suddenly it came so close I could nearly hear it’s voice. It sounded very creepy and then heaps of them surrounded me and I could see they were very dangerous. I started running but suddenly I tripped over a thick tree root. “OW!,” I screamed but then it became worse. One of the things came up and bit me and I fainted. I woke up in hospital and said “but how can something so tiny be so powerful” and they were my last words…

By Luca

100WC-week 24-Mysterious Monster

Mysterious Monster

I am in a national park with my family and we are walking along the path, looking at the remarkable sculptures. Me, my brother and my sister are doing a hunt where you have to find all of the sculptures. So far we only need to find one more and the last one is so hard to find! Eventually we came across a peculiar looking thing it looked like a hand about to grab a tree. My brother pressed a button on it and a mysterious looking ghost came out and started attacking us I found a book and quickly opened it the monster got sucked back in and I…

Laughter – 100WC Week 22


One night I was having a sleepover with my friend. When I got there we played fifa 17 on the PS4. We played a match on ultimate team and won it. Then we bought Ronaldo and put him in the team it was the best team I had ever seen. Then we watched ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2’. It was really cool and I thought Voldemort was cool. The movie finished and we snuck into the cupboard and had some lollies. We went to bed but then we heard a thump coming from the fridge we walked over and inside was a




NIGHTMARE – 100WC Week 23



One day when I was at school I sat down on my chair gingerly. However my teacher called me up to the front to show my presentation. My presentation was about planets. There was a bright shining yellow sun and everyone thought the presentation was remarkable. I felt thrilled as I worked extremely hard. Later on that night when it was bed time I got scared.  There was a dark shadow near the door of my room. I wondered if it was a  spooky ghost. 

I discovered it was just my brother he said, “I wanted to scare you because you scared me before.”

By Luca

The Terrifying Scare – 100WC Week 21

One dark night a family was playing a board game (snakes and ladders) but suddenly all the lights went out and everyone got a shock, they looked around but they couldn’t see anything they kept on looking. It was very dark and everyone was so fearful they looked  in all the rooms and eventually they went in the last room outside the room was a sign saying do not enter and there was a gust of terrifying wind but they went in and saw a shadow of a really spooky…


By Luca

School Disco – 100WC Week 20

One day I was at a school disco with my friends we were having so much fun then the music started it was a bit loud but I kept on going till 9 o’clock at night when they turned the music so high I got an ear infection then I fell asleep it was a long sleep but I  kept on sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzz I woke up in a doctor it was very strange my mum said “ that music was too loud for you” she said. So we took you here I was about to my last word but I fell asleep…

by Luca