Little Fruits

One day there were little fruits and they had big eyes. There was a girl named Chloe and the fruits were in her house. One day she got a fright when she picked one of the fruits she said ‘ I just couldn’t eat something so weird and disgusting. She screamed and then the mini fruit spoke. Chloe screamed again. Her mum came in and said ‘ what is going on Chloe.’ ‘Here are fruits with big eyes.’ ‘See’ ‘ Oh yes’. Chloe’s mum said ‘get them out FAST’ ‘OK OK OK’ So Chloe and her mum got the mini Fruit out of the house and into the bin.

By Louise

Haunted house week 100WC

One day there was a girl and her name was Chloe and her best friend Ruby. One day at there school there was a school fair. First the girls got some fairy floss it was delicious. After there fairy floss they went on the rolercoaster it was so fun. Next they went on the haunted house it looked very scary. Chloe said “do you want to go on it?” “Yes.” So Chloe and Ruby went to the haunted house. They had to wait in the line. Finally it was their turn, they walked into the haunted house, it was dark and spooky. All of a sudden the slime dripped through. Oh no! They ran to the door but it was stuck……

By Louise

The Peculiar Boy

One stormy day there was a  boy and he lived in Egypt and the wanted to go one of the pyramid. The had to go throw the big storm. When he got in the pyramid he saw another boy in the pyramid walking throw a wall the boy screamed it was very peculiar the boy that went throw the wall said ‘hi’ the other boy was speechless. ‘How do you do that?’ ‘it’s so hard it took me 45 years wow’ ‘can you try and teach me.’ ‘okay’ ‘I did it now we can do it every stormy day’.
By Lulu

Tiny – 100WC Week 26


One busy day Jenny needed to pop to the cafe for a quick coffee. She decided to leave her Teacup dog Fluff at home. Fluff was disappointed she didn’t get to go for a walk so she decided to cause trouble. Fluff leaped into action. Firstly onto the kitchen bench knocking all of the lunch off the bench. Then Fluff scurried to the lounge and jumped all around and bumped all the picture frames off the cabernet and messed up the couch cushions. Then to the bedrooms messing up the beds. Just as Fluff sat on the couch Jenny walked in and screamed “how can something so tiny cause such a KERFUFFLE?”
By Lulu

The Walk – 100WC week 24


One sunny day there was a girl, and her name was Ruby. She was going to a park. That day there was no one there. It was a lovely day and soon she heard a noisy it was rustling in the trees, it was not a girl like Ruby or a bird, so what could it be? Ruby said in her head. She was gingerly walking towards the noise. She saw the most peculiar site, it was a giant and it lifted up the tree. Ruby screamed. And she was speechless the giant said ‘hi what’s your name’ Ruby said shivering ‘my name is Ruby.’ What’s yours name, nice to meet you I say still shivering.

By Lulu   

yellow giant – 100WC Week 23

One sunny day a yellow giant went on an adventure to the jungle. His name was Yellow Fellow. Yellow Fellow was from the city so he caught the bus to the jungle. When he arrived he didn’t know what to expect so he walked gingerly through the jungle. He discovered a remarkable sight. The trees were taller than Yellow Fellow and he had never seen trees taller than himself. Yellow Fellow loved standing in the tall trees however they made him feel quite short so he took the bus back home to the city where he liked it much better being a giant again.

By Lulu

The Show – 100WC Week 22

One day there was a girl and her name was Ella.  Ella and her whole family and hear dogs were going to a Circus  show. Ella and her family got some drinks because we all needed one . Soon the show started the first acted was the ringmaster holding a hoop and a lion jumped  threw. Ella said “dad I’m hungry” “okay I’ll get some pop corn.” Finally Dad came back. I got a massive hand full and put it all in my mouth. My mouth was on FIRE. Ella screamed the  whole Circus herd me. I think they put chilly on my popcorn.

By Lulu

Lights – 100WC Week 21

One day I was playing in my room with my friends we where playing barbies. Sudenly my  lamp started to flash and then all of the lights started to flash. Me and my said we should go outside to play I’ll bring the barbies. Me and my came inside and it was black I said dad what happened I don’t no I’ll go and get some torches ok I’ll check soon if the lights don’t back on.can we have a snack what do you want I don’t no I’ll get ice cream the light came back on YAY!!

by lulu

monster – 100WC Week 20

One day I was at my house and it was my bedtime and I went to sleep.  I Woke up and I head a nose it was loud it was coming from my closet I got up and opened my closet and it pulled me in it said hi  I said what are you the thing said I’am a wobbler do  I said what that no time to explain I have to take you somewhere but we need water, lollys,a hat,3 books,a cheare and pencel and  we have to put in this puket and off we go and we landed in aplace calded …

By Louise

Whale – 100WC Week 19

One day there was a family who were sailing on their boat. And something was under their boat first they thought it was a wave and it happened again they realised it was a whale, and the whale threw the family into the air. I closed my eyes and when I woke up I was in a mysterious forest and there was other boats I woke up my mum and dad…


By Louise