The Food Competition – 100WC Week 30

It was a normal day when Lucxter came back from school tired and grumpy. Lucxter was reading his book, when he finished it a note was at the back saying that you can win 9 million dollars. They entered and they smelt yummy spices of all sorts. They waited for their name to be called out. Their name got called out and Lucxter sat down in front of the bowl of spicy noodles. “ I just couldn’t eat something so spicy!” The competition started and Lucxter gulped down the noodles……”arghhhhh!”……..

By Liam


Slime That Kills – 100WC Week 29

It was a warm afternoon in year 1987 when someone went to move to a new house. The house was old and some say it was Haunted. He didn’t believe it but when he went in the door slammed shut! He unpacked but when his clothes touched the ground it turned into burning, fiery slime. He ate his dinner and as he walked slime appeared! He scoffed thinking the people who tried to trick him was rubbish. He slept and as he was sleeping his bed was slowly turning into slime. When he woke up he saw his hand. The slime dripped through his hand it slowly started covering him and melting his body. “Arrghhh!’’ He shouted…..

By Liam


The Artwork – 100WC Week 28

It was a sunny afternoon at the Melbourne Museum when a family of 3, mum, dad and their child, Walter came upon a particular sight. The family was very posh and was questioning anything they thought was weird or not their way.


When they saw this the mum said “what is this! I want this removed as soon as possible.” Everyone started staring at the mum when someone pushed through the crowd and said “this artwork is amazing, you are foolish for thinking this silly thought, man and the girl walking through stone is weird?” The mum started a riot. She lied and said “ummm….this is….great!”


The next day a man walked inside a woke her up and killed her…
By Liam

100WC Week 26 – NO I’M LATE!

It was a warm afternoon when Lucky finished school. He was late for his Vietnamese lesson with his mum, if he was late he would be grounded for a whole year! He was going to be late so he rushed to his bike and rode to Little Road. The Traffic was horrendous and if he waited he would be minutes late.

He kept on thinking and thinking until he thought of this remarkable, unthinkable and peculiar idea! He shouted “Yes!” Everything stared at him when the silence was happening. He went to the alley and saw a colossal and ferocious shadow. He hop off his bike and gingerly crept closer. And said “ but how can something so tiny make the biggest scariest shadow in history?”

By Liam

The Ancient Wall – 100WC week 24

I was walking through a thick emerald forest when i saw a remarkable thing, i creeped in gingerly when i triggered a trap door! I dropped down flat. My legs were in pain as i struggled to stand up, i took grip on the wall pulled myself up. I walked step by step to this glowing yellow chest, however i didn’t have a key. I hunted the area for the key when i came upon an  ancient wall with patterns, i got my hand and wiped all of the dust away when i discovered…

By Liam

YOU – 100WC week 24

I was strolling through a emerald green forest when I banged my head on something hard, i woke up struggling to get up as i was half conscious, i suddenly wondered where am I and what just happened? I creeped around the terrain when a big stone hand picked me up with the tree. I tried to scream but i was so scared nothing came out of my mouth, the whole body risen from the ground. “What can i do about this?” i curiously wondered, i saw the head it looked familiar it turned around it’s……

…The noise was so loud…100WC Week 21

I was creeping through a haunted house, trying to avoid the webs. I went past a room with a doll head on the ground, i slowly tiptoed in…suddenly all the lights went out! I could a soft whisper calling my name “Liam come…come with me.” I saw a dark ghost appearing and disappearing through the darkness, i followed him while i was getting ready to strike. He brought me to a room with a door, “what use was this old rusty door for?” i wondered. I curiously walked through the door. Their was a big screen, on the screen was a……


By Liam

…the noise was SO loud…100WC Week 20

I woke up in the middle of the night hearing elephants trumping, dogs barking and loud music playing. I dashed to my parent’s room and angrily said ”THE NOISE IS SO LOUD!”

They said in a tired voice to ignore the noise so I did what they said and try to sleep but that irritating noise kept on bothering me! I looked out the window and couldn’t see a thing? Was it because the sky was pitch black and I couldn’t see a thing. I went to my older sister’s room and she, and my other sister and the dog were making the turbulence!


By Liam


Washed Away – 100WC Week 19

One sunny morning two kids called Lucxter and Lucky decided to go fishing with their new boat because they heard the rarest fish in the world comes out! They hopped on and started the engine and went to the ocean to explore for the ancient fish. Then a  tsunami hit them and all the other fisherman. Lucky opened his eyes in a forest with boats surrounding him and Lucxter on the ground next to him. Lucky searched around the forest looking at all the hurt fishermen. He ran to Lucxter and checked if he was OK but he wasn’t breathing……


By Liam