100WC Week 30 – slimey cavviare

Once upon a time there was a boy fishing. He got fish eggs we caught it with a net than we ated it for dinner.When i ate a mouth full of caviar I just couldn’t eat something so slimey. like it was salty than i went to bed next morning i went to school my mum gave me more caviare. I went like “Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, I ate it then i felt sick slowly but surely I shrinked! Then i was as small as a snail i gasped than i did a little celibration then a foot came at me i ran…


By Julian

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

Once upon time there was a man called John.He thought that he could discover something about space. when he laughed and laughed for a long time. until they went to the future, “what happind” when he was in 2500 are these cat things and people was gonna be extinct so they added robotic parts people laughed there were fluffy cat jokes they did lots of differant jokes then they went back to reguler time then they were reading they were at the start of school ,“how!” said them then there teacher argued ,“Stop talking imideidtly” then thats it, “I’m done!”


By Julian

…suddenly all the lights went out… 100WC Week 21

Once I was at home sweet home. but this didn’t look like home once I looked outside like a haunted house. I was devistated as the blood rushed down my veins. so I had to have a look inside as I gulped when I went inside. I looked around the creepy corners there were cracks which was dripping down and then I heard a sceam “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH” blood was rushing through those cracks! I went inside my bedroom. I turned on my light until tomorrow I went outside my bedroom and  suddenly the lights went off .Creepy music was playing. I shut everything then I saw….

By Julian

…the noise was SO loud…100WC Week 20

One day when I was in Western Australia with my friend we both admired the beautiful Bay. We had some lemonade.And we spilled our lemonade everywhere and then they heard a bazooka. we were shocked “what” we both said. And then he build a raft and he got to push his hand to push the raft after. “oh no” when they saw a volcano!!!

“Now what’s going to happen something that is more insane” now there was silence “are we ok?”one of them said “yes we are?” said the other one then a sleep dart went into then…


By Julian

Troll story – 100WC Week 19

Once upon time there was a prankster gangster who was on a boat. Then a huge tsunami happened but it didn’t matter, the prankster gangster just went down a level on his boat and when the water level dropped, he was in a forest and he saw the sun. The sun is a troll and they climbed up trees 1 year later they went on the boat and water was rising and they were on the titanic and nothing happened so and he woke up and he was in Star wars and they went in the escape pod and they were back on the boat

The end.


By Julian