“EAT THIS”-100WC Week 30

One day I was on the couch watching TV when I saw an ad about a show called “EAT THIS”. You had to eat something disgusting if your name appears on the screen. Unfortunately, it showed my name. Within 3 seconds, a guy transported to the room I was in and took with him slugs, and snails, and I was forced to eat them or I would die. I think I had to eat the slugs and snails. I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting. So I took a deep breath, and ate…

The Mummy’s Violin-100WC Week 28

Once  upon a time there was a harmless mummy called Violin who owned a house and played the violin. But he broke a string by cutting the string instead of the paper. So Violin went through walls to get to the shop to fix the violin. But the owner of the shop got scared because there was a mummy in his shop. So he called the police, went to court, the Violin’s lawyer was speechless, and Violin had to go to jail for the rest of his life for breaking a string of a violin.

By Joseph

100WC Week 26

Once there was a tiny green elf, he was only 30 or 40 cm tall. But he was AMAZING!!! He was only 12 years old when he: climbed Mount Everest, became president of Mexico, went to the moon, and did 156 more amazing things but this year, he tried to win the Olympics for Vietnam, and you guessed it, he won 93 gold medals!!! The crowd kept saying “but how can something so tiny win a gold medal?” Next Saturday, he had to win gold to win the whole thing, but he wasn’t wearing his lucky shoes, so he tripped and came third last.


By Joseph

The tree

 Hi, I’m Jerry the Giant and I absolutely hate trees, all they do is take up space. Anyway, yesterday, I went around the block doing my daily walk like usual. Then I saw a tree in front of me. I hate trees so every time I see one, I always pick it up, and throw it to Mercury. (Because I’m a giant). But that particular tree looked unique, and it had apples, so I ate the apples, and left it to grow. Now when I come for my daily walk, I eat the apples from the tree, and I don’t throw the tree to Mercury.


By Joseph

The Remarkable Yellow Man – 100WC Week 23

Once upon a time there was a boy called Marco Polo who loved to explore. He loved to explore so much he explored the dairy section at Coles. One day he was wandering through the dairy section at Coles when he discovered a tiny mysterious, and remarkable yellow man, walking gingerly amongst the cheese.  


The tiny yellow man gave the Marco Polo one wish for setting him free from the cheese section. Marco’s wish was for the yellow mysterious man to disappear. He vanished. However that night when Marco Polo went to bed he saw the yellow man stuck on top of his bedroom’s roof!

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

Once upon a time there was a boy named Larry. He had a pencil and a sharpener. Larry sharpened the pencil with a sharpener like usual. The pencil didn’t like being sharpened and the sharpener didn’t like pencil shavings inside it, so the pencil and sharpener tried to attack Larry. But Larry had a sword threatened them. So the pencil and sharpener were useless. The pencil and sharpener surrendered. Soon they were all on YouTube and everyone It went on the news and was never forgotten by anyone, Larry became rich and was overjoyed that he sharpened a pencil.


By Joseph


Suddenly all the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

I was stuck in the thick dark forest, and if I didn’t have the sun I could be dead right now and I really don’t want to die. I am so glad I still have the BOOM!!!Yikes!!! The sun exploded  everything is dark and gloomy and I can’t see a thing  BOOM!!! BOOM!!!BOOM The sun keeps on exploding and comes back up again somehow and again and again and there are about 483 suns, its so hot that I die and wake up and realise that the booms was just my alarm clock and I woke up in my cosy bed.

By Joseph


The Party – 100WC Week 20

It’s my birthday today.

I’m not having a party and here is the story…

I wanted to have a small party with not many people but my mum went crazy  because of my birthday and invited 27 friends.

It was in my basement and I almost fainted on my birthday.

The noise was so loud.

My birthday cake was 4m long, and the birthday lasted about 7 hrs.

The next year I had twice a bigger than the party last year.

Which included 54 friends, 8m birthday cake, and lasted 14 hrs.

So I have stopped having parties.


By Joseph

The colourblind Pirates – 100WC Week 19

 Once upon a time there was a gang of pirates. They were colourblind and they thought brown was blue. They thought they were sailing the Pacific Ocean but they were actually sailing across the African Jungle. They were crashing into trees left, right and centre. The ship was shaking wildly, so wildly that glasses flew out of the case and landed on the captain’s eyes. Then he realised he was sailing on dirt. And he realised he was colourblind brown. The next day he went to the nearest eye doctor.