100WC Week 30

Eating Fruit

One day I was at home and I just couldn’t eat something so small which was fruit and so I would eat the big fruit. Now i’m eating a cherry tomato and a crumber which is a green veterbagle. Finally i’m really hungry after doing all that exercise and I am have ten more to tomatoes. Then I was so full that I had no more fruit to eat. Next when I got hungry I ate two apples and I was still hungry. On Tuesday I ate three tomatoes and then I was full after eating all that fruit and veterbages.
By John

100WC – Week 29

Glues to find the Treasure


Far far away from our Galaxy there were 1 million people from each country trying to find some treasure.  The first clue that they needed was to pass through some slime. The second clue that they needed was to pass through a volcano. The slime was sticky and wet and was dripping every where  which made it hard to get through. The colour was light green  like the colour of the grass and it smelt like the shampoo that I use in the shower.   Once you found the treasure you had to buy it for a lot of money.

By John

100WC Week 28

One day there were three people that were  going through a wall to get to a another house and what it  looks like. The wall  looks like a grey wall made of grey bricks.  When they go through the wall they would see the kitchen. Under the bench  there was a dishwasher. Also there is  a sink and a cooking area. At the table there were  glasses, plates, forks, knives and a dinner mat  that the three people can serve their own dinner.

It would be cool to walk through the wall because they have never done it before.
By John

The ant finding food – 100WC Week 26

One partly cloudy day there was an ant that lived in  a ant house was so small as a leaf.  On Monday he ate one strawberry but he was still  hungry. On Tuesday he ate two bananas but  he was still hungry. On Wednesday he ate three plums but he was still hungry. On Thursday he ate four chocolates but he was still hungry. On Friday he ate five cookies but he was still  hungry. On Saturday he ate six lollies but he was still hungry.I thought that how can something so tiny never be full but Finally on Sunday the ant ate seven cherries and now the ant is full by eating all the food.

By John

The Ants – 100WC Week 24

Once a upon a time there was a family of ants who loved eating leaves. However the ants got so tired from eating the leaves, they went into their big house and had a long sleep. Next the ant family decided that they didn’t like their house anymore and so they were looking for a new house. They all set up to search and the found a gigantic tree in the middle of two parks. But they saw something very strange, there was a enormous hand around the tree. The park turned into a monster, then the ant family killed the monster and lived happily ever after in the tree. They really loved their bed in the tree.

By John



Once  a upon a time we went to a concert.We saw some songs were really funny that we laugh a lot. I had  a   solo can together and we had the dinner there.

Also my family had some afternoon tea there.

Also we so much food for dessert at the concert.

Also I did 20 minutes of reading there.

My whole family loved the concert it was the best day ever that ever went to a concert.

When I got  home me and my sister went straight  upstairs to bed and I got home.

By John.


All the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

Suddenly the lights went out…                                                                                    

It was Abigail and Alex’s birthday. She was turning five and he was turning four. They had their party at a bowling alley. Then someone turned the lights off. Everyone was worried and scared. Then they realised that they were playing glow in the dark bowling. There was a birthday cake and it had nine candles on it. All the people that were invited to their party sang Happy Birthday. After that they played lots of games. Then they all went home and the birthday people gave them their lolly bag. At the end of the party everyone felt overjoyed.

By John

The noise was so loud – 100WC Week 20

…the noise was SO loud… I found myself  outside at the park on a really hot and sunny day.  I could hear popping buzzing noises.   I was scared and my body was shaking but I still was curious to find where the noise was coming from.  I was far away but I could still hear it. I  decide to get in the car then we went close to the noise and it was fireworks. The fireworks was rainbow colour. After the fireworks I had so much fun that I was a bit scared. It was the mcfet day with my family.               

By John