The Slimey Day 100wc-Week 29

One day when I was watching TV, I heard some creaking noises and a drop of pink slime fell on my forehead. It smelt really nice, almost like roses. I don’t know where it came from but there is a place called pink land in the area so it may of came from there. Suddenly the whole house was shaking and huge blobs of slime came tumbling down on top of me. Then the sink filled up with pink slime and the slime dripped through the house. I rushed outside and took cover under a tree. When I saw what was happening, I fell back onto my hands. There was a humongous cloud of pink slime and it was raining just on top of our house. I was really confused.

By Dominique

The Weird Day- 100WC Week 28

When I was walking Through a strange museum I saw the most weirdest and peculiar thing. There were two people walking through a wall. I had never seen anything like it before, they were literally walking through it. Did these people have super powers? I didn’t know, so I went to go ask them but they had banished from the area. I was shocked, scared and another feeling that I could not really explain. It would feel so weird to walk through a wall. I don’t know where they were going. I really wanted to know. I had enough of weird things for one day, so I went back home.

By Dominique

The Very Small Insect-100WC Week 26

One beautiful afternoon I was walking my dog through the lovely park. Suddenly I heard a noise which was so loud. It sounded like a lion’s roar or a building falling down, but the only thing I saw was a small little insect. But how could something so tiny, make such a loud noise. There must of been some other substantial thing in this park, like a tiger or a hippopotamus strolling through the park. I wondered how the insect could make such a loud noise but then I realised, I am not in the park, I am in the jungle!


By Dominique

The Great Big Friendly Giant – 100Wc Week 24

One day I was strolling through the lovely and calm park. I saw something  very weird. It was a big, grey hand reaching out above the ground as if there was a great big giant lying beneath. I carefully walked a little closer to see if it was a real hand. When I was about 1 meter away from the hand, the hand shot up like a rocket and out came a huge giant. At first I was scared but then the giant smiled at me and picked me up. That’s how the giant and I became friends.

By Dominique

Funny clown – 100WC Week 22

It was my birthday party!


My mum hired a clown.


He was so funny.


Also kind of scary.


But mostly funny.


I was laughing so hard.


It was the most funnest thing in the world.


He did lots of cool tricks.


Like juggling, bouncing and telling jokes.


This was one of the jokes.


Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?


Because he had nobody to go with!




Isn’t that a cracker.


That was the best bubbly birthday I had ever had.


I want to have another funny clown next year.


But not a scary clown, a funny clown.


By Dominique


The Amazing Jelly – 100WC Week 23

A girl called Dominique has discovered a new type of jelly. It’s kind of yellow and it tasted gingerly like. You might think this jelly is absolutely disgusting, however it is super yummy. It is remarkable,it doesn’t even taste like ginger, it tasted like fresh strawberries and fairy floss. Dominique is an amazing lady and she sells the jelly free to the homeless so they can have something yummy to eat, she is such a nice lady. She even makes houses made out of the jelly for the homeless. I really wanted a taste of the great jelly so I snuck into the kitchen gingerly, I went into the kitchen and got the jar out and had a spoon full of magic. It really was the best jelly ever.


By Dominique

The Haunted house – 100WC Week 21

One stormy Halloween night a group of teenagers came across a very frighting house. It looked very scary but that didn’t stop James, the oldest boy in the group. “I’m not scared it’s just a little house with cracked windows” James said in a loud voice. The other kids said that they should turn back and visit another house but James took no notice of the other kids and asked his best friend in the group, Jack to come with him into the haunted house and Jack said yes but the other kids were too scared to even think about stepping into the house so they turned back but James and Jack knocked on the door and called out “Hello, is anybody in here” and there was no answer so they started to walk away but suddenly the door creaked open so the two boys went inside. As soon as they stepped foot inside the door slammed behind them and then the lights went out….

By Dominique

The Noisy Tiger – 100WC Week 20

Once there were two tigers at the zoo. They were  was very tired. Then one of the tigers waked the other tiger and the tiger who was sleeping was very mad and he made a big roar, it was so loud that everyone in the whole zoo had to block their ears. Then the two angry tigers got so mad they had a big fight and one of the zookeepers tried to cheer them up by giving them some yummy food. It worked the tigers calmed down.

By Dominique

The Boat Ride – 100WC Week 19

One day there were two unicorns and they were happy. They were so happy that they decided to go on a boat ride crossing the seven seas. So they hopped in their magical boat and set off. When they were in water they realised there was a butterfly sea monster and they started to sink but luckily unicorns can breath under water. Then one of the unicorns went at the bottom of the boat and used its power to rainbow fart and shot them into the sky and they landed in the forest and had some tea and biscuits.

By Dominique