Healthy salad 100 WC – week 30

The horrid stench wafted through the kitchen making its disgusting stench make me gag. I just couldn’t eat something so putrid as my aunts healthy Sunday salad. But I didn’t have a choice. It was that or nothing, and I was famished..I sat down and I got severed my dinner. “Eat up and you will become healthy and have shiny teeth like mine!” my awful aunt screeched, baring her rotten black stumps of teeth, and making me smell her unbearable dragon breath. I stared down at my gruesome meal. I swear I saw something move underneath the slimy layers of unusual vegetables. I was doomed.


By Beth

The Slime-100WCweek29

There was a puff of smoke and silvery, mysterious mist swirled around the classroom. Another attempt at making the foulest slime in the world. Failed. Though I thoroughly remember putting ingredients in the their bowl there was nothing. I sighed and left. When I was walking in the corridor I noticed the foulest of of all sents. It smelled of rotten meat and out of date milk that had been left out on the bench.The smell was coming from above. The slime dripped through the vent above.I squealed. Suddenly the slime draped around me. I was suffocating quickly…


By Beth

Strange-100WC Week 28

I walked  casually through the ancient museum, until I saw a terribly peculiar sight. Someone…. Something melted miraculously through the wall opposite me. I fell back flat on my back as if a huge wave of force had pushed me back. The world went black. Raspy voices surrounded me. They seemed to be deciding what to do with me. “Boil him with stew!” one said. “He’ll be to chewy” another wailed. “ I’ll teleport him back if you keep arguing!” an elder voice warned, and with a flash of white everything turned back to normal as if nothing ever happened.Very strange.


By Beth

But HOW could something so tiny-100 WC Week 26

As I was walking around my room one dull day hoping to clean up the towering mess I heard a faint squeal. It wasn’t coming from inside my room so I started to investigate. As I turned over dreadful books and revolting clothes I saw the most bizarre thing. An insignificant, miniature, dumpy and tiny…THING. “Help me Help me! I Am so tiny!” It cried. It sounded so distant. Then It lifted up an incredible thick book. But HOW could something so tiny lift up that? I asked myself in shock. It was so curious that I nearly didn’t realise that it had disappeared!

By Beth

The Hand-100WC week 6

It was a frosty morning in river swamp park and I looked about. Nothing had changed. The old mossy oak tree stood on the side of the cobblestone path. At that moment a thundering rumbling was coming from underneath the ancient old moss tree. Five fingers appeared out of the blue. Then a palm of a hand! Next a hole arm! I was in shock! I was in amazement! Suddenly a snarling face started rising. Before long I realised not only one but two gnarly faces were sneering the park. I stared in horror. What was going on? I screamed… 

By Beth

100WC- week 23

Yesterday I was roaming around in the muddy park and suddenly I felt a queer tugging at my shoelace. I gingerly looked down and discovered a bright yellow creature. I gaped and however mysterious the creature disappeared.I shrugged and continued down the eerie, grim park. Twice more I felt the puzzling tugging  at my shoelace but looked down to see to common murky puddles of the park. It was remarkable that there was one more tugging as I trudged across the park. As I finally reached my comforting home I opened the door and I fell into complete darkness.

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

Sir Trumpypants was having a dinner party. He invited Sir Emptyhead and the Duke of Pepperoni Pizza. As they lay out the table Sir Trumpypants blew off. “Please try to contain your buttocks!” Suggested the Duke of Pepperoni Pizza. The stench filled the quiet room and they all gaged. It smelled of mouldy cabbage. “Sorry! I went on a diet last month! Must be taking effect!”

 Dinner was as cheery as could be, Sir Trumpypants kept on passing wind, the Duke of Pepperoni Pizza was as red as a ripe tomato because he used extra spicy pepperoni. Sir Empty Head was as blank as a black TV screen.Soon they all went home.


             The End By Beth

…Suddenly the lights went out..… 100WC Week 21

…Suddenly the lights went out…

I was curled up in my table miniature bed when there was a eerie creak outside my room. A blood- curling shiver went up my spine. What was going on? Suddenly all the lights went out, my heart was thumping  as I scrambled in the closet. At least I was hidden from whoever was there. But would they find me? The closet door flung open and I squealed. A stranger was positioned in front of me glaring me down with a terrifying look on his face. I was trapped.


By Beth


…the noise was so loud…100WC Week 20

                                                 …the noise was so loud


It started when I was peacefully reading a stunning book.Suddenly I heard a blood-curdling smash! Then a gunshot. BANG!!! The noise was was so loud I squealed!The sound of breaking china could be heard.

With my heart was thumping.My breath was held as I moved fairy steps towards the living room where the comotion was coming from.Gas filled the kitchen and I held my breath however when I took a sharp breath through my mouth I reasiled it wasn’t real gas!Through the fog I saw the familiar slim snake like face of my devious rival…


                                                                The End

By Beth

Boats – 100WC Week 19

One day I was strolling through the the thick jungle when I came across the most peculiar sight. I blinked my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. About four boats were stranded in the middle of a vast clearing!

I clambered in a baby blue sail boat and peered inside.I saw a skeleton!

But this wasn’t a human, it looked like a dog or wolf. On its back was a glinting gold treasure chest.Cautiously I moved inside and tried to open it.The key was in the lock so I turned it and inside was a…

By Beth