Evil Granny-100WC- Week 30

“Ok, I may be weird but I certainly am not weird at eating chips on the couch. I am in a weird position but that is because I hate these chips! I am forced to eat these by my Granny but I really don’t like them! I just couldn’t eat something so GROSS! It tastes like my Granny’s old sock. She probably put it in there because she hates me. OK, I’ve got 26 more chips, I’ll just put them in the bin since she is at work. As soon as I put it in the bin she comes out of nowhere and…

Mr Slime- 100 WC – Week 29


One day I was was watching a program about birds. Suddenly a bird flew through the TV AND POOPED ON ME! My mum said I have to have a bath, so I did. I popped in the bath and my mum shut the door. Because I didn’t want her to know I sneakily put slime in… BOOM! All of a sudden MR SLIME POPPED OUT! I did not want my mum to know. She absolutely hates him for some reason. She may hate him but I like him alot. Wait a second where even is he! The slime was dripping through the drain…

The guy who transports- 100 WC – Week 28

There is a guy who only comes out every 4000 years, and tonight was the night. No one knows his name and they don’t know what he looks like so they call him Mystery Man. According to his book he transports into walls, and this is when it went all wrong…
One night in 1969 he came out and one person saw him for the first time! He caught on tape every single second of the man’s movement. But on his 13th wall he stopped. A ghost appeared and something you would have never expected to happen happened…

…But how can something so tiny…100WC- Week 26

Once there was a boy called Xavier. He was very poor. All he owned was a pet ant. Xavier didn’t know that this ant was very special. He always wonders why people on the street want the useless tiny ant. But if Xavier keeps this ant he will be very famous…

One Saturday there was an ant lifting competition, the prize was 1 million dollars! If Xavier won this he will be a very rich child . The ant had to lift a giant! Xavier was about to quit but his ant said “I got this one in the bag”.  So the ant lifted the giant and it was success! “But how can something so tiny…

By Anthony

Abandoned Area – 100WC Week 24

One day a slimy snake named  slithered up the tree. What he didn’t know was that a humongous grey hand was slowly lifting up the tree. Snakes are normally small so it wouldn’t matter if it lifted it up because it wouldn’t hurt it self so much. But this Snake was MASSIVE! Because it was so huge the tree was slowly fracturing apart. Approximately two minutes later the tree was gone and so was the snake. The grey hand disappeared and onwards from that day no one was allowed in the area.

Crusty Carrot – 100WC Week 23

Hi I’m Finn! I live in a cottage with my friend Jason. However when I tell him that there is no Ice-Cream in the freezer he gets really yellow for some reason. I find it really disturbing. Anyway, on the the weekend I discovered the most remarkable sight ever! I saw Jason on the phone to my pet Carrot!!! How could he do this to me! After all these years!!!!!!!! Then I saw him gingerly sit down on Crusty Carrot’s [my pet] bed. What was he doing!! He was up to something really mysterious! I asked him what he was up to and he said Climbing Cucumber is not his friend anymore!

To be Continued

Laughter – 100WC Week 22

“Hi Jefferson, how are you doing?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Well can you search up the answer on your new iPhone 1?”

“You mean my old iPhone 7?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Well can you search up the answer on your new iPhone 1?”


“What I’m trying to make a long conversation!”

“Alright man. Why are you holding your cat Jimmy?”

“He is my friend.”

“You don’t have any friends.”

“Don’t I?”

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Sorry I just need to take a few minutes to myself.”


“Because you said I don’t have any friends.”

“Ooops sorry Gary.”

“My name is Jefferson”

“OK Smith Chips”

“My name is not Smith’s Chips”

By Gary and Frankie productions/By Anthony

…the noise was SO loud…100WC Weeek 20

….the noise was SO loud…
Once there was a primary school, there were regular people and a regular school bell. It was fine until two little naughty kids invaded the school. Every night they had strolled out of their cozy beds and snuck into school. The school got changed every night. Then the next day of school the principal got even more furious. But the worst thing they had done was that they did damage do damage to the school bell. Every Time the bell rang it was the biggest noise ever!!!!!!!!!!! The principal still couldn’t work out who it was so he stayed for the night. The children came into the school that night and…


By Anthony

Dreams – 100WC Week 19

Once upon time there two people who were called Jack and Jeremy and loved sailing on boats. One day they were going to go to Ireland and sail there. What they didn’t know was they were in a dream so none of this was actually happening in real life. Anyway they had put their boats on the peer and were ready to sail. They had started to sail but they couldn’t move because they were on dirt. Ten minutes later they had worked out how to start, first they bumped into a tree and then a hundred more!

The end

By Anthony