I Become the Judge of MKR 100WC Week 30

One day I became the judge of MKR. It was my first day on the job everyone was cooking . When I walked in I could smell a  beautiful scent. I saw everyone cooking. It was judging time, a girl came up and brought us up her dish. It  was made of  tempered chocolate, I said “I just couldn’t eat something so beautiful”. In the end I tasted it it was like chocolate, heaven so good. All the days past by in the end she won and my judging days were over and she took my place..

By Alyssia

The Slime 100WC Week 29

One day a poor sewer girl was working in the sewers, and she fell into toxic waste and it turned her into a mutant monster. From then on she was known as the slime.  Terrorizing the city night and day.  One night the slime dripped through the drains looking above when a little girl passed by she was furious of what she used to be and said that is my next victim. The next day she  took her here and into the toxic waste and know she has a whole army everyday finding new victims.

By Alyssia

The peculiar Boy 100WC week 28

One scorching hot day in ancient Egypt, there was a very peculiar  boy he was naughty but very smart he was able to go through walls. One day, he went into a pyramid and went through the walls when he went through one he got really stuck! He finally got out but someone was behind him it was the pharaoh he  saw the shell of when he got stuck because no one knew that he could walk through walls so  was terrified and thought it was there ancient god Tadus.The pharaoh ran away and told everyone what he saw  but no one knew it was him.


By Alyssia

One Clever Ant – 100WC week 26

One spectacular Sunday there was an ant but it wasn’t just a normal ant it was extraordinary ant her name was Ellie. But one day she saw a picnic rug and there were so many pieces of food . She was so mesmerised by the beautiful  food. She started to run to the picnic rug but when he was just one meter away a family and they were eating so Ellie ran as fast as she could but the family squashed Ellie but how did she make it out alive how can something so tiny survive being squashed…….

By Alyssia

The Masteries Garden 100WC Week 24

One evening, a playful little girl called Ellie was playing in her garden when a very peculiar site caught her eye a gigantic hand slowly rose up from the ground. She was terrified but also quite curious and went to have a look but just in case it was dangerous she walked gingerly  to the enormous hand. When she was able to have a closer look she found out that she could stand and sit in it it was remarkable but then the hand rose down until you could only see half of it and then it……

The Very Dangerous House – 100WC Week 23

One day there was a man who lived in a very ancient and dangerous house. He knew it was dangerous so he walked gingerly through the house because he was scared. The next day, he was walking on the yellow brick path around the house when he discovered that the windows of the house were opening and shutting on their own and the doors were doing it too. It was hauntingly remarkable. However the next day, he found out that it was the howling wind that caused his frosty and ancient windows and doors to open by themselves.

By Alyssia


One day, there was a family that were happily cooking the mum was frying the daughter was cutting and the brother was boiling oh and the father was eating. When they heard a knock on the door they opened it but no one was there. Then they heard another ding and they opened the door but there was still no one there. That night there was a knock then a creak and a ding and they looked and there

was a chicken dressed as a monkey. They all laughed when they saw the chicken  dressed as a monkey.

By Alyssia


The abandoned house – 100WC Week 21

 One stormy night ,there was a family with a mum ,a dad and two girls. They were a normal family with a normal house or so they thought.One night they were eating when suddenly the lights went out. They thought it was a black out and went to bed and thought in the morning the lights would turn on but they realised that they still didn’t turn on.Later that night they heard a sound like a creak and a knock and then the door opened and there was a……..

By Alyssia.

The Loud Noise – 100WC Week 20

The 100 word challenge


The Loud Noise


One night I was in my bed when I heard a really loud sound coming from the garden. I said that noise was so loud.  So I went into the garden and saw an asteroid I could not believe what I saw.


So after I went back to bed and I heard the sound again but louder .I hopped out of bed and went to see what it was this time when I looked again it was gone. I was so confused then I heard my mum calling me for breakfast it was only a dream I went outside to checked and I saw burnt marks and I knew it wasn’t a dream.


By Alyssia


The Forbidden Forest – 100WC Week 19

Once upon a time there was a spriet called Lily and she was the keeper of the forbidden  forest  one day two trespassers arrived on boats and started to explore the forbidden forest Lilly watched the two trespassers and decided to punish them because they were cutting down  trees so Lily took away all the water and the two trespassers were stranded and no one entered the forbidden forest ever again because they were scared because everyone that went in never came out and that is the story of the forbidden forest.

By Alyssia