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Week 4 Curriculum Update;

Grade 3 /4 Update 4                                                                            Week 4
Wednesday 6 May 2015

Dear Parents,
Hope you have had a great start to the term. We have had some great learning opportunities already such as a brilliant cross country day. Here is the latest curriculum update.

Just some updates on life in Grade 3 /4:

  • Naplan 12th to the 14th May
  • School Closure Day- Monday 18th May
  • Eucharist Faith Night – Wednesday 20th May @ 7.30pm
  • St Bede’s Feast Day Monday 25th May
  • Eucharist Reflection Day June 5
  • Queen’s Birthday Monday June 8
  • Feast of the Sacred Heart June 11
  • Grade 3/4T Assembly June 12
  • Grade 3/4S Assembly June 19
  • First Eucharist Dates: (13th, 14th, 20th 21st June)
  • Student Wellbeing Festival Monday 22 June
  • Parent Teacher Interviews – June 25 and 26
  • End of Term 1 – Thursday 25

Curriculum Foci for the next couple of weeks:

  • Narrative Writing and in week 6 we start Report Writing
  • Inquiry – How and why has Australia changed over time? – focus significant events in Australian History and the similarities and differences in life during WW1 and now.
  • Multiplication (Grade 3 need to know 2, 3, 5 and 10s and Grade 4 all tables up to 10s)
  • Religion –Eucharist and Pentecost
  • Circle Time focus – Resilience



Next week the Grade 3 children will be sitting the Naplan tests. During this time two teachers will be supervising the Grade 3 tests and another two teachers will run a normal learning program with the Grade 4 students. Grade 4 students will continue with their normal specialist program.


Logging into Google Docs from home
Students will be using Google Docs for their homework in the coming weeks.

  • To log into a Google account you can use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or another browser. If you are using a browser other than Google Chrome you will need to search ‘Google Login’ to find the login window. Google Chrome can be downloaded from the internet by simply searching ‘Google Chrome’.
  • Once you are at the Google login students can log into their account using their school email address as their username and their Google password. The school email addresses are the childrens normal login username and the ending
  • Once they are logged in students can click on the icon that looks like a waffle to then find their google drive.
    We hope this helps to make this easier for you at home. Students are experienced in using Google Docs at school. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Class Blogs
In the coming weeks students will need to post on their class blog as part of homework. You can find the class blogs at the links below.

·         3/4S –

·         3/4T –

·         3/4LB –

·         3/4LE-


Please visit our class blogs to experience the work your child is doing in class and leave comments to support and encourage them.

Teacher Email addresses
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need.


Miss. Ellenby –


Mrs. Reed-


Mr. Butler –


Mrs. Grayson –


Mrs Larissa Boyhan




Accessing Student Digital Portfolios

Student Portfolios can be accessed through the student Google Accounts. Please ask your child to login and show you their digital portfolio and celebrate together their term one achievements and progress.


Please go into your child’s digital portfolio and leave a comment at the bottom of one or more pieces of work.

Kind Regards,
The 3 /4 Team
Simon Butler, Laura Ellenby, Trish Grayson, Larissa Boyhan and Bernadette Reed


Cyber Safety You Tube Video

As you may be aware the Grade 3/4 students have been looking at the importance of Cyber Safety and the ways that we can remain safe while being active digital citizens. The following You Tube clip may be of interest to parents. It is a fantastic Australian guide for for parents on how to help their children keep cyber safe. Please click the link below to access the You Tube video on Cyber Safety.

Screen shot 2011-07-18 at 8.22.13 AM

A Vision of K-12 Students Today.

This is a reflection on what engages students today and how we can harness this to engage them at school.

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  1. Congratulations to the hermit crab team, I have learnt a lot about these tiny creatures, and your presentation was so well scripted!

  2. Congratulations to the hermit crab team. I have learnt a lot about these creatures. The video was so well scripted and filmed!

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