21 thoughts on “We are division dazzlers!

  1. Max buys 663 ice lollies for his party. He has 6 carrier bags and needs to put an equal amount in each bag? Can he do this? How many will she have remaining?

    • I believe he can buy 9 pens and then he will have some money left over. the bigger questions however are why does joey B have so much money and why would he spend it on such expensive pens? Christian b

  2. Francis had his birthday party on Sunday. He got 4 bags of lollies, each bag had 7 lollies in them. If there are 34 kids how many lollies will each kid get?

  3. Hi parents!
    This is my worded division equation:
    Lily has 84 candies and has to share them between 15 friends. How many candies does each friend get?
    From Gemma
    P.S There may be remainders

  4. John had 48 packets of crisps. She must share these equally between her 7 friends. How many crisps packets will each friend get? How many will john have remanding.

    • John’s 7 friends would get 6 each as 48 divided by 7 = 6 so John would get the 6 that are left.

      Another way to look at it is that 7×6 = 42 (6 packets fir each friend) the closest multiple of 7 without going over the number of crisp packets available. Therefore 48-42= 6 left over for John

  5. I have 72 lollies and I have eight people coming to my party I have to divide all the lollies equally among my friends how many lollies do each of my friends get not including me.

    By Alyssia

  6. Division Problem:

    i have $2048 from my birthday. I wanted to buy a gifts with the price $16. How many gifts can i buy, and do i have any left over?

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