Personal Inquiry

Personal Inquiry:

Success Criteria for our personal inquiries:

  1. Choose an endangered animal.
  2. Find out why this animal is a legend (what is it’s job in the web / ecosystem).
  3. Why is it endangered? What is the problem?
  4. How can we be a hero for this animal? (How can we help?)

Presentation of your inquiry: These are the options that we have negotiated –

You may present your inquiry through a:

  1. labelled diorama


2. Poster




Please use the links (click on the pictures) to research about endangered animals.

24 thoughts on “Personal Inquiry

  1. I am researching about pandas for my personal inquiry. They are endangered because they are losing their habitat. Habitat loss leads to no food or shelter

  2. I am researching about Orangutans for my Personal Inquiry. They are endangered because of habitat loss. Their habitat is entirely trees. The two species of orangutans are found on two islands.

  3. The animal I am doing is called the saola ( also known as the Asian unicorn). It is endangered because of habitat loss and poaching for its horns.
    It is symbiotic because it eats the weeds allowing the plants to grow.

  4. I am researching about the red wolf. The red wolf is endangered because they were killing animals and also some humans.

  5. For my personal inquiry I am researching the quokka. The quokka is endangered because they are loosing their habitat. Their habitat is being cleared. On the mainland foxes, dogs and cats eat them.

  6. For my personal inquiry I am doing the giant panda. It is endangered because it is losing their bamboo and their habitat which means no food or water.

  7. I am researching the African elephant. There tusks are important to them because they help them dig and and defend themselves. They are endangered because hunters are taking there tusks and selling them for money.

  8. I am researching the Prairie Dog for my presentation. The Prairie Dog is endangered due to farmers and ranchers hunting them down because they destroy there crops. This has made there species drop by 98% in population. Around 100 years ago there used to be 5 billion on our planet! You can usually find them in the central parts of the USA in the great plains. They usually stay in places that have a wide range of temperatures from very hot to freezing cold. They are not really dogs. The name “dog” comes from there dog like barks.

  9. The animal I am researching is a narwhal, otherwise known as the unicorn of the sea. It is endanged because of climate change. The water turns warm and they need cold water to survive. Narwhals can simply not survive when the climate changes.

  10. My animal is the Vu Quang ox (saola)

    It is endangered because people around Laos and south Vietnam are hunting them down for food and also for there horns.

  11. I am learning about the animal jaguar. A jaguar diet is deer, crocodiles and others. A jaguar is endangered because people are hunting for its fur and stop it killing the farmers cattle.

  12. I chose the red panda for my personal inquiry. It is endangered because its habitat loss in the forest of China. The forest is being chopped down. This means that the red panda doesn’t have food or a habitat.

  13. The animal I have chosen is the …

    – Saola
    I chose the because it is endangered animal and it is almost extincted and this is why

    – The humans! are hunting them down.
    – The humans! are destroying there habitat.
    – They are getting there horns ripped out by the humans!

  14. My personal inquiry is Brown-throated three-toed sloth. They are one of the most endangered animals in the world. They are endangered because they are very slow at walking and okay at swimming, so they are targeted easily by Humans, Eagles and Jaguars.

  15. I chose the arctic fox.The arctic fox is endangered because They are getting a diseases from domestic dogs. The conditions are less extreme and they are out competed by their cousin the red wolf.

    By Alyssia

  16. For my personal Inquiry i am doing a Bornean Orangutan. It is highly endangered. Because of hapatat lose. It’s home is in the trees and they are geting the trees cut down to make paper.

  17. for my personal inquiry I am doing a lord howe island stick insect. the lord howe island stick
    insect is endangerd because fewer than 30 adoult
    stick insects remain on the pyrimid and is cridacly

  18. For my personal inquiry I am doing the Grizzly bear it is endangered because of poaching and habitat loss. The diet of the grizzly bear is byres and other animals it hibernates in winter and wakes up in Spring.

  19. my comment is about a Quokka it’s an animal which is being eaten hen dutch people explored and a type of rat is eating the Quokka then they found it on rotnest island ad there endangered because there getting eaten.

  20. I am doing a golden lion for my personal inquiry. It is a endangered animal because they are hunted to be pets or put in the zoo and their habitat is being cut down to make ranches (farms).

  21. I am doing the Siberian Tiger for my project. The Siberian Tiger is endangered because of habitat loss. Fun fact: the Siberian Tiger can weigh 320 kg or 700 lbs but that is the average age for a male Siberian Tiger. The average weight for a female is 180 kg or 400 lbs.

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