The Slime-100WCweek29

There was a puff of smoke and silvery, mysterious mist swirled around the classroom. Another attempt at making the foulest slime in the world. Failed. Though I thoroughly remember putting ingredients in the their bowl there was nothing. I sighed and left. When I was walking in the corridor I noticed the foulest of of all sents. It smelled of rotten meat and out of date milk that had been left out on the bench.The smell was coming from above. The slime dripped through the vent above.I squealed. Suddenly the slime draped around me. I was suffocating quickly…


By Beth

One thought on “The Slime-100WCweek29

  1. I love the detail and story through this. I like how it ends in a cliffhanger and an abnormal uncheery way, which is amazing. People usually end it all happy, when your story ends with you suffocating. It’s very creative, I love it!

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