The Horrible Slime 100WC – Week 29

One sunny day my sister was making slime. She made a lot of green slime and chucked it in a container to bring it to the cafe. When we arrived we went inside and the waiter said “Sorry but you can’t bring slime inside.” so he threw it in the drain. the slime dripped through slowly. My sister cried because it was a waste of time and money. The slime went inside poison liquid and came alive! It went out of the sewer and burned every shop in the street and the more it burns the bigger it gets! I got stuck inside of it and it actually tasted like jelly.


One thought on “The Horrible Slime 100WC – Week 29

  1. I love how it ends up tasting like jelly, it ends scary but funny too. You have the great talent to make something two opposite genres of story: Horror and comedy. I love your work, keep up work like this, you’re doing amazing!

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